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Help with calculation for dynamometer build?

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    I'm looking for someone who can help me calculate the torque there will be transferred to my couplings between the rollers and to my belt connecting the 2 set of rollers.
    I have drawings of it all including inventor pro 2011 drawings/file of it all putted together without the belt and couplings.
    The size of my rollers are 315 mm in diameter and the max torque the car will have is 1000 NM, so how much is my couplings and belt supposed to manage ?

    Hope someone can help me, i have a few more questions that i will post afterwards :)

    Thanks alot.

    Regards Martin B. Jensen / Denmark
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    jack action

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    Lots of online calculators for belts & pulleys; This one seems relevant to your case given the little information you gave.
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    Just can't find anyone that helps me out. Just let me know what info you will need.
    http://www.bearingboys.co.uk/product.cgi?action=view&id=21381 This is the type of pulley.
    Distance from center to center is 450 mm.
    The max speed is 5000 rpm.
    max about 1000 HP and 1000 NM.
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    jack action

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    The first thing will be to know what you are actually looking for. The best that someone can tell you based on you original question, i.e.:

    is to tell you that what will be transferred through your belt is power. So your couplings and belt must be able to handle 1000 hp. They usually also have some upper limits for rpm and torque. But those limits differ from pulley & belt types and from one manufacturers to another.
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    I'm looking to find the torque numbers my belt and couplings are supposed to manage.
    The hp doesn't matter and the rpms are covered only the torque i need to know if possible?
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    jack action

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