What is eit: Definition and 13 Discussions

Boundary estimation in EIT is the term used in the field of electrical impedance tomography, if the inverse problem is the estimation of boundary instead of the conductivity distribution inside an object domain.

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    A Anyone knows the slow light in EIT?

    I built a EIT system in rubidium gas cell and measured the pulse delay between the reference and probe light. Here, I used a zero-order diffracted light of an AOM as my probe light, but there is just several nanoseconds between these two pulse. I read some papers, like adjusting the Rabi...
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    A Realizing EIT with Pulsed Laser: Intensity, Duration & Frequency

    I have realized EIT with continuous laser. What are the requirements for the intensity, duration and repetition frequency if EIT is realized with pulsed laser? you can attach any reference:biggrin:thanks a lot!
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    A Exploring Electromagnetic Induced Transparency in 85Rb Gas

    Hello,everyone! Recently i am doing an experiments about electromagnetic induced transparency in 85rubidum gas. I have two light source,which use the polarization spectrom frequncy stablizaiton technology to make them stable.One is used for probing light,and the other one is used for coupling...
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    A Calculate the group velocity in EIT (famous paper: light speed 17m/s)

    hello everyone! Recently,i'm reading a paper about slow light,that's really a famous work published in Nature.[Light speed reduction to 17 metrespersecond in an ultracold atomicgas]. But I'm trouble with some calculation about the velocity of slow light.here are below: i try to use the...
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    I Can basic concepts explain EIT, LWI, and STIRAP?

    I'm interested in Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (EIT), Lasing Without Interference (LWI) and/or Stimulated Raman adiabatic passage (STIRAP) and have some basic questions. First, I think the concepts involved, at this basic level, are similar for these three. Yes? I don't understand...
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    Can I become an EIT for a different discipline?

    Can I take the FE for Civil Engineering, and get EIT certification in Civil? I got my B.S. in Nuclear Engineering last December. I was not required to pass the FE to get it, and therefore decided to spend my time not studying. I performed atrociously. An opportunity has presented itself in...
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    Coupled oscillators analog to EIT - do I miss something?

    Hi, I have posted this question to "classical physics" forum, but now I think this forum might be more appropriate. I have no idea how to move the thread here, so here is a copy.. The question seems trivial, but I want to check if I miss something. Homework Statement I'm trying to...
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    Can I Claim EIT if I'm Certain I passed?

    I took the FE exam last weekend and I'm sure I passed. However, the results won't come back for ~12 weeks. I am graduating in 2 months, and some of the jobs I'm interested in say, "EIT preferred", so it would be nice if I could put EIT on my resume. I guess the best thing to do would be...
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    EIT and Grad School: Can You Earn a PE While Studying?

    I had a question about becoming a Professional Engineer. My question is : can you be an Engineer-in-Training (EIT) and earn you Professional Engineer's license (PE) while go to graduate school for a MS/PhD at the same time?
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    Fundamentals of Engineering Exam question (EIT)?

    So before I graduated with my BS in Civil Engineering I took the FE exam in Arizona and passed it. I then went out of state for my Masters in Civil Engineering. I am getting close to graduating and am looking to get a job. Do I need to retake the FE exam if I work outside of Arizona...
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    What Are the Best Mathematical Resources for Learning EIT?

    is there any good reference on EIT? with some emphasis on the actual mathematical calculations
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    EIT / FE test, anyone taken it?

    how hard is the EIT / FE test? is it a good idea to take it?
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    Maximizing Your Chances of Passing the EIT: Tips and Advice

    Hello all, I'm about to take the EIT test this coming Saturday. If it is not too much trouble, can you guys give me some advice or tips on how i can maximize my chances of passing? Thanks