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Can I Claim EIT if I'm Certain I passed?

  1. Apr 20, 2012 #1
    I took the FE exam last weekend and I'm sure I passed. However, the results won't come back for ~12 weeks. I am graduating in 2 months, and some of the jobs I'm interested in say, "EIT preferred", so it would be nice if I could put EIT on my resume. I guess the best thing to do would be something like, "EIT, expected certification: date". Thanks for the input.
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    It would be untruthful and therefore completely wrong to claim that which has not been awarded. You could write "Exam taken, did well" or words to that effect. But to claim that the EIT status has been conferred when it has not could land you in real trouble, particularly if you did not pass.
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    Putting down expected dates for graduations and certifications on a resume is an accepted practice.

    Claiming to have a certification that you don't, isn't. :smile:
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    I sympathize, but no matter how certain you are that you aced the exam, you must not claim anything you do not have evidence of. The EIT is too easily checked online.

    One of the big issues behind the PE certificate is ethics. You must not have ethical lapses like this, or your application will be that much harder to justify.
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    Claiming qualifications you haven't got is an absolute no-no. In the company I work for it would be an automatic "reject application" if it was found out (and as others said, it's easy to check).

    You can certainly put the date you took the test and when you expect the results. Personally I would leave out the "did well" comment. You won't gain anything if it is true, but you will lose some credibility if it isn't. And different people might have different ideas about what score counts as "done well", when the results are out.
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