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EIT / FE test, anyone taken it?

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    how hard is the EIT / FE test? is it a good idea to take it?
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    It wasn't hard, but it's basically worthless. To me, at least. You need to work under someone who has their license for 3 years after you pass the FE. Then you take another test.

    However, I've found that it is rare to find an EE who has a PE license, for whatever reason.
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    is that so...? Hmm... i was recommended to take that test by someone who has a PE in Civil Eng. He said that test is recognized internationally, so if I want to work in some other country someday, and I do like to travel, that would definitely help he said.

    anyone else have taken this test?
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    I think you should look into that fact. I don't see how it could be recognized in other countries.
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    hmmm thats interesting.

    what other certifications are there for an electrical engineer?
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    I'm not aware of any certifications specifically for EE's beyond the usual university degrees. I mean there are all sorts of IT and other similar industry certs, but none specifically for EE's as far as I know.
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    I have a PE in EE. The PE is basically driven by the CEs and MEs and in EE its the guys in industrial power and lighting, a field where the PE is definitely not useless; its required in the consulting buis. In that area you need it stamp drawings (and accept the responsibility that goes along with that). The EIT is a basic but very comprehensive test that shouldn't be that difficult if you take it close to an undergraduate education since you'll see freshman chemistry questions and the like on there. The PE entails much more difficult and practical questions that require a deeper knowledge of the chosen field and some design ability. In sum then:
    a) for EE's in other than power & light the PE is rare
    b) completing the EIT, the recommendations, and the PE test is achievement and a near guaranteed mark of some engineering competence on any resume which I review.
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