What is Fortran77: Definition and 28 Discussions

Fortran (; formerly FORTRAN, derived from Formula Translation) is a general-purpose, compiled imperative programming language that is especially suited to numeric computation and scientific computing.
Originally developed by IBM in the 1950s for scientific and engineering applications, FORTRAN came to subsequently dominate scientific computing. It has been in use for over six decades in computationally intensive areas such as numerical weather prediction, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, geophysics, computational physics, crystallography and computational chemistry. It is a popular language for high-performance computing and is used for programs that benchmark and rank the world's fastest supercomputers.Fortran has had multiple versions, each adding extensions while largely retaining compatibility with prior versions. Successive versions have added support for structured programming
and processing of character-based data (FORTRAN 77), array programming, modular programming and generic programming (Fortran 90), high performance Fortran (Fortran 95), object-oriented programming (Fortran 2003), concurrent programming (Fortran 2008), and native parallel computing capabilities (Coarray Fortran 2008/2018).
Fortran's design was the basis for many other programming languages. Among the better-known is BASIC, which is based on FORTRAN II with a number of syntax cleanups, notably better logical structures, and other changes to work more easily in an interactive environment.As of June 2021, Fortran was ranked 17th in the TIOBE index, a measure of the popularity of programming languages, climbing 17 positions from its ranking of 34th in January 2020.

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  1. I

    Comp Sci Solving Fortran 77 Assignments with XYZ: Reading & Calculating Values

    Hey guys, new here and was hoping for some help. Basically I have to use Fortran 77 to complete some questions for an assignment The first thing to do is, read a bunch of numbers in a list format and then use these numbers to be entered within an equation. The values I have are listed in a 1...
  2. davidfur

    Fortran Interface between a Fortran77 program and a Fortran90 program

    Hi all, I'm new to Fortran programming, so I might probably ask some really trivial questions - please forgive me. I have two source codes of big programs. One is coded in Fortran77 and the other one in Fortran90. Now, I need to build an interface so that the Fortran90 program can call some...
  3. A

    Fortran Print correct value of Real number with gfortran?

    The following program is printing wrong value of RWTSED. How can I print correct value?? program inpdat c IMPLICIT NONE REAL RHOMN,RWTSED,VOLSED VOLSED = 17424.0 RHOMN = 2.42 !0000076293945 RWTSED= VOLSED*RHOMN*1.0E6 2000 FORMAT(/,3F40.5)...
  4. L

    Fortran Modifying a library not to stop at runtime errors

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to solve a BVP that seems to be very sensitive, for which I have to provide a starting guess and hope the program can fix it to find a solution. The program has been tested many times and it is very solid, the only problem should be that I can't find the right guess...
  5. mehdi6

    I Computational particle physics

    Hi to all, I have a random number generator in FORTRAN, which gives a random numbers to my particles initial velocity in three dimension (vx,vy,vz). If, I want to make my particles to embark to move with a specific weight (eg. Maxwellian), what should I do? absv = sqrt(vx*vx+vy*vy+vz*vz) wt=...
  6. Telemachus

    Fortran Transport Equation code, Fortran77

    Hi. I have written a code to solve the one dimensional one group (a fixed velocity is considered for the particles) time independent transport equation. The code uses the ##S_N## discrete ordinates method, a Gauss-Legendre quadrature in the angular directions, and a Diamond Difference formula...
  7. Telemachus

    Fortran Reading matrix elements from a file in Fortran77

    SOLVED Hi there. I have the elements of a matrix written in a txt file (in row major order). I need to read this matrix to use it in my fortran77 program. The text file contains the elements written in this way: A(1,1) A(1,2) ... A(1,N) ... A(N,N-1) A(N,N). I was thinking in doing a do loop...
  8. Telemachus

    Fortran Discrete Fast Fourier transform with FFTW in FORTRAN77

    Hi, this thread is an extension of this one: https://www.physicsforums.com/posts/5829265/ As I've realized that the problem is that I don't know how to properly use FFTW, from http://www.fftw.org. I am trying to calculate a derivative using FFTW. I have ##u(x)=e^{\sin(x)}##, so...
  9. Carl Loomis-Anderson

    Fortran Fortran77 data compiler problem

    So I am doing a chemical simulation of titans atmosphere and I have potentially 1000 data files to sort through to retrieve concentration values written in Double format. The issue is that each chemical has its own line with well over 80 columns (1993 currently, though it is subject to...
  10. Carl Loomis-Anderson

    Fortran Fortran77-- retrieve data from large source

    I'm currently doing a chemical model of Titan's atmosphere and the simulation outputs several files (up to 1000) and I need to get an array of data out of them from a specific section labeled with a chemical name (i.e HC5N) that has an arbitrary number of values (usually above 100). I've seen...
  11. J

    Comp Sci A significant figure problem in fortran77

    Programming with Fortran77, I got some problems during coding... How can I set to be the value? For example, I want to the value 'a' set to be 0.0000045. But, in command window, value of a is set to be 0.000004499876895. How can I set to be the value 'a'? In my case, I command the real value...
  12. C

    Fortran Fortran Functions: How Are Variables Passed Around?

    Hi all Just to start with I should highlight my general ineptitude with programming, so I apologize if my question is totally basic. I have a program written (by someone else) in fortran 77. Contained within it is a call to a function which acts on a number of variables. My curiosity is about...
  13. G

    Fortran [Fortran] Filon's method Fourier Transform

    I was told to do a Fourier transform of function by using a Filon's method. I have found the code but I don't know how to include any function to the subroutine. I would be grateful for any example of how to use this code. SUBROUTINE FILONC ( DT, DOM, NMAX, C, CHAT ) C...
  14. D

    Comp Sci Understanding fortran77 syntax

    Homework Statement I have two subroutine syntax program in fotran77 code, and I am stuck to understand it. this is the first subroutine code subroutine LZHES(N,A,NA,B,NB,X,NX,WANTX) c implicit real*8 (a-h,o-z) c complex*16 Y,W,Z,A(NA,N),B(NB,N),X(NX,N) real*8 C,D logical WANTX c NM1=N-1 DO 30...
  15. A

    Fortran Free Program for Compiling Windows Executables from Fortran77 Files

    Hi! I would like to compile some *.for files (only standard Fortran77 statements) which only contains some subroutines and functions and link them with a *.res resource file and a *.lib library file (supplied by developers) into a windows executable. Is there any FREE program to achieve...
  16. N

    Comp Sci Fortran77 woes- single parameter least squares minimisation stuck

    Hey guys! Having issues with a code I'm writing. It doesn't fit the typical format and I may have already accidentally posted it in the wrong forum, so here's a copy of what was there with the newest version of the code. It'll (eventually) be a four-parameter least squares minimisation, but for...
  17. N

    Fortran Fortran77 woes- single parameter least squares minimisation stuck

    Hey guys! Having issues with a code I'm writing. It'll (eventually) be a four-parameter least squares minimisation, but for the moment I'm just trying to get the single parameter version to work. I've got the first module done but, when I run it it gets caught up in a loop and doesn't actually...
  18. T

    MATLAB How to convert GO TO (Fortran77) to Matlab

    I'm translating some code from Fortran77 to Matlab and I'm struggling due to the sentence GO TO is not valid in Matlab. Usually using sentences while I can solve the problem but in a particular case I don't know how to face it. To put in situation, i.e: code line 1 line 2 ... 128...
  19. G

    Fortran Fortran77 end-of-file error reading formatted input

    Hi, I am new to the forum, apologies if I break any rule posting a new thread. I could not find the answer in similar threads came up after searching the forum. I want to read a formatted file of six column data. Reading works OK, but I want to put it into a do loop with the repeat as many as...
  20. N

    Fortran Fortran77 statement - character assignment

    fortran77 statement -- character assignment Hi, I am porting an application written in fortran 77 to linux. The following code compiles well with IBM xlf compiler on AIX. However, when I use g77, it fails with the following error:foo.f:6: + var /ZFF/...
  21. M

    Fortran Can Fortran77 Write a File to Excel without Using Tab Separation?

    I have problem don't use tab to separate cell for writing file to excel. this algorithm write file to excel one cell only.i want write file separate cell on excel file. please suggest me about algorithm write file in excel file.
  22. S

    Fortran Help with Fortran IV to Fortran77 Conversion Errors

    I have a program written in Fortran IV and tryed to run it with fortran77(g77). Nevertheless it could be not problem in fortran IV it make some errors in fortran77. I am not programmer but trying to learn some. Here is the errors that compiler fortran77 is wrote: found.f: In program...
  23. R

    Comp Sci Fortran77 program to find the inverse of a matrix

    Homework Statement fortran77 programe to find the inverse of a matrix Homework Equations how to initiate the logic The Attempt at a Solution I have attempted the 3by3 matrix,how to do for a other square matrix
  24. Q

    Comp Sci Need help in doing a program in fortran77

    I need to do this program, I'll be greatful for anyone that can help me. the program is as this: The following data are obtained from the file ‘JBWEA.DAT’. It contains the twenty-four hourly average air temperatures for the months of January through December, recorded at an airport. Hour...
  25. B

    Fortran Fortran77: Data I/O in big file

    Hi there, I have generated a huge data file (approx 500MB large) containing a few 100k lines of formatted data (format(1X, 200ES11.4)). As I believe handling such a large file might over and over again (will be opened by an explicit FE code) might slow down the process significantely, I was...
  26. N

    Comp Sci Calculating pi using Riemann Sum and Fortran77

    My assignment: Solve for pi using a Riemann Sum with n= 40,000,000. The function is the antiderivate of 4/(1+x^2) dx. The bounds are from 0 to 1. Solving this gives you pi. Anyone know how to do this? Preferably with fortran77?
  27. D

    Fortran What does the *4 mean in integer*4 in fortran77?

    How is integer*4 different from integer ?
  28. D

    Fortran Fortran77: What does a period in the middle of an eq mean?

    I'm trying to comprehend some old Fortran 77 code. I've run across an a line of code that resembles the following: R(1)=2.*RL(1)*N(1) What does the period in the above code mean?