What is Gearbox design: Definition and 12 Discussions

A preselector gearbox is a type of manual transmission mostly used on passenger cars and racing cars in the 1930s, in buses from 1940-1960 and in armoured vehicles from the 1930s to the 1970s. The defining characteristic of a preselector gearbox is that the gear shift lever allowed the driver to "pre-select" the next gear, usually with the transmission remaining in the current gear until the driver pressed the "gear change pedal" at the desired time.
The design removed the need for the driver to master the timing of using a clutch pedal and shift lever in order to achieve a smooth shift in a non-synchromesh manual transmission. Most pre-selector transmissions avoid a driver-controlled clutch entirely. Some use one solely for starting from a standstill. Preselector gearboxes were most common prior to the widespread adoption of the automatic transmission, so they were considered in comparison to the "crash gearbox" type of manual transmission.
Preselector gearboxes were often marketed as "self-changing" gearboxes, however this is an inaccurate description as the driver is required to choose the gear (and often manually actuate the gear change). An automatic transmission is a true "self-changing gearbox" since it is able to change gears without any driver involvement.
There are several radically different mechanical designs of preselector gearbox. The best known is the Wilson design. Some gearboxes, such as the Cotal, shift gears immediately as the control is moved, without requiring the separate gear change pedal.

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  1. Vossi

    Properties that are important to Worm Wheel functions

    From what I've gather the primary benefits to worm wheels are: - their ability to provide high reduction ratios - self-locking which can be useful for hoisting and lifting applications. - Operates silently and smoothly, which reduces vibrations Feel free to add any important ones I might've...
  2. M

    I Gearbox Gear ratio: How to get 60 rpm to 3500rpm? help please

    Hello I am trying to achieve 3500 rpm from 60rpm. The gear ratio I have worked out is 58:1. To minimize the size I have divided into 4 levels with the gear ratio of 2:1, 3.1, 3.1, 3,1, which rounds me up to 54:1 ratio is also ideal for me can anyone please help mw find the appropriate solution...
  3. K

    Job Skills What next for manual gearbox design engineers?

    Simple questions are sometimes difficult to ask. I am a mechanical design engineer of automotive gearboxes with a UG qualification and 12 years of experience. My core expertise is into gears and special interest in NVH. In the recent years I see the automotive OEMs cutting down research cost of...
  4. Y

    Automotive Construction of CVT Metal push belt

    I am trying to understand the construction of CVT Metal belts that are made up of steel elements and some rings. I do not understand the full construction details of the belt. The most detailed information I have got ever is in this PDF on page 5...
  5. Eddie714

    I in designing a single speed reduction gearbox

    Hello, i am a junior mechanical engineering student and i was given the task of designing (on paper) a gearbox. I chose to design a worm gear single speed reduction gearbox. I know the basics of what composes it which are the worm, worm gear, input and output shaft bearings and the housing the...
  6. N

    Gear and gearbox design - circular pitch

    Hi everyone! Just joined the fórum after a lot of hours searching the web and Reading some books...I have one question, didn't found na answer to it...but let's give it a try ;) How can you determine the optimal circular pitch and in consequence the optimal diametral pitch of a gear (increasing...
  7. V

    Calculating Motor Requirements for Gearbox Design

    hi i am designing a gear box and i need help on calculating my motors requirements. i have a motor with rotating a gear which is connected to shaft using a gear attached to the shaft. on the top of the shaft a cylinder base is screwed weight X kg. could you please help me thank you
  8. D

    Gearbox design requirements and so forth

    Hi, I am looking to design a gearbox that outputs 200Nm from an input of 0.25-0.3Nm. My question is which gear train method would be more efficient. Also any design guidelines if there are any. The gear box is to be rotated at the input by a users own strength
  9. D

    Wind-Turbine Gearbox Design project

    Hi engineers and future engineers! I have a project given by my lecturer which is to design just the gearbox in a wind turbine. The goal of this project is to design a prototype conceptual gearbox that will power a generator on a wind turbine. The blades are about 25ft in diameter and are held...
  10. C

    Gearbox Design: Increasing Torque and Speed?

    I suspect I already know the answer to this question but I want to ask in case anyone has any ideas on how to improve things. What I am looking for is a gearbox design that will increase both torque and speed at its output. I don't think this is possible as I believe one is traded off...
  11. T

    Help on a very complex gearbox design?

    I'm involved in a project that requires we lower an 8000 lb unit through a 25' vertical drop with extreme precision and fixed speeds. We want to build a gearing unit that will transfer that weight into bleed off energy via a high winding gearbox. It is extremely important that our load be...
  12. G

    Optimizing Gearbox Design for Efficient Power Transmission

    Hello Thanks for you help, I have to design a gearbox which will be connected to an electrical motor with a 11 Kw, 960 rpm, 42 mm shaft diameter, I want the gearbox to rotate a sprocket with a diameter of 337 mm in a speed of 40 rpm, I don't know how the gearbox is to be designed for the...