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Wind-Turbine Gearbox Design project

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    Hi engineers and future engineers!
    I have a project given by my lecturer which is to design just the gearbox in a wind turbine.
    The goal of this project is to design a prototype conceptual gearbox that will power a generator on a wind turbine. The blades are about 25ft in diameter and are held in the air by a 60 foot tall tower. The turbine blades spin the input shaft of the gearbox which increases speed and decreases the torque.
    Specs for the gearbox: Weight and size is minimized

    Gear ratio Max 33:1 and min 28:1
    Shaft arrangement Co linear input and output shafts(reverted gear train)
    Input shaft protruding 4" out of the front gearbox
    Output shaft protruding 2" out of the rear gearbox
    Provide adequate key slots on the input and output shafts

    We need to find the loading and to calculate the input torques. The turbine speed is constant at 120rpm. Weight of the turbine blades and generator will be carried on separate bearings. These component will be connected to the gearbox with flexible couplings. THE LOADING TO THE INPUT AND OUTPUT OF THE GEARBOX IS TORQUE ONLY.

    The design life is 10 years. continuous operation and the loading mention above(which needs to be calculated)
    I have decided to choose Denmark and the turbine i choose is V80-2.0 MW (Vestas) located at Horns Rev 1. So, i can get the wind profile from there but what's next? This is my 1st time designing such a project and my lecturer just wont help. I am desperate for help that's why i decided to seek help here.

    I just need some guidance on how should i proceed after knowing the wind profile. Thanks!:smile: [/SIZE][/SIZE]
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    Moderator, can I have this post deleted? I cant seem to edit my post, and I have to delete it. Thanks :D
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