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Gregory Michael Bryk (born 19 August 1972) is a Canadian film and television actor. He has had a number of film roles, and may be best known as a series regular in three different television shows—ReGenesis, XIII: The Series and Bitten. He is also well known for his role in 2018 game Far Cry 5, for which he provided his voice and likeness for Joseph Seed, the lead antagonist. He also reprised his role as Joseph Seed in Far Cry: New Dawn and Far Cry 6.

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  1. Drakkith

    News A Surprise on My Doorstep: Kind Words From Greg Bernhardt

    Found this on my doorstep this morning... @Greg Bernhardt I didn't know you spoke to the press about me! Thank you for your kind words! :wink: If you can't read the pictures, the pdf is located here.
  2. T

    Who Is Là Tiñö, the Newcomer at Witwatersrand University?

    Hi everyone I am là tiñö a student at Witwatersrand university and I'm a new member in PF.
  3. D

    B Relative speed and time dilation

    1. If A is static and B is moving away from A at velocity v, from Einsteinian point of view, is A also moving away from B at the same velocity? If yes, is the similarity of movements and velocities of both A and B valid in every context? If B is experiencing a time dilation from the view point...
  4. K

    I What is the Cause of Space Expansion?

    Does space expand only at the outer edges of the universe? What is the mechanism that creates more space particles? Is the huge volume of outer space pulling our universe apart? Please enlighten or comment. Kurt Ludwig
  5. N

    How Do You Solve These Basic A/L Physics Problems?

    01.Velocity V of a stretched string depends on Tension T and mass per unit length M of the string. Create an equation for Velocity VUsing dimensional analysis. 02. A balloon is moving upward with velocity 36km/h, when it is 40m height from ground a particle dropped from it. (g=10m/s and there...
  6. sarvesh upadhyay

    A X-Ray Diffraction: Why Doesn't It Eject Electrons?

    X-ray has enough energy to eject the electron in the atom, molecule etc. But in the x-ray diffraction electron does not eject, only oscillate with the same frequency as X -ray,why? Why does not x-ray eject the electron?
  7. Babatunde22

    Criticality calculation of an homogeneous finite reactor

    Please,I am working on the criticality calculation of an homogeneous finite cylindrical reactor core using four-group diffusion equations. I have been able to discretize the multigroup diffusion equations using the finite difference method(FED). But I am stocked on the iterative method to...
  8. basiel

    What challenges do science teachers faces when teaching science?

    what challenges do science teacher face in teaching science.
  9. T

    How can I use 2D airfoil data for calculations in my RC helicopter project?

    Hi everybody, I am a native of Bhutan and have been always contemplating on building a RC helicopter for myself. In this regard,I have studied helicopter aerodynamics and want to swing into action. The momentum theory seems a bit easy to comprehend and perform calculations there. But I'm unsure...
  10. S

    Discover the Types of Earthing in Automobiles - Expert Insights and Tips

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical physics forums, so no HH Template is shown > HEY guys ; I want to know the types of EARTHING done in automobile . Anybody having any idea ?
  11. Pengwuino

    Greg Bernhardt, mild mannered webmaster or evil russian spam king?

    We have all fallen right into his trap. DISCUSS
  12. Evo

    Greg Bernhardt Appreciation Day?

    Some of you may not even be aware of the person that made this site possible and that spends way too much time trying to keep this forum going. His name is Greg Bernhardt. (does someone have a link to the history of the forum?) He's cute, he's smart, he and his dog have matching outfits...
  13. R

    Your Opinion About Countries Around the World - with permission from Greg Bernhardt

    Hi, I apologize if this message is off topic. I am trying to give a broad group of people a chance to participate. Please disregard this message if you are not interested. I’m a student assisting a professor with a short internet survey (5-7 minutes) and I would appreciate if you could...