What is Hnc: Definition and 13 Discussions

Thiocyanic acid is a chemical compound with the formula HSCN which exists as a tautomer with isothiocyanic acid (HNCS). The iso- form tends to dominate with the material being about 95% isothiocyanic acid in the vapor phase.
It is a moderately strong acid, with a pKa of 1.1 at 20 °C and extrapolated to zero ionic strength.HSCN is predicted to have a triple bond between carbon and nitrogen. It has been observed spectroscopically but has not been isolated as a pure substance.The salts and esters of thiocyanic acid are known as thiocyanates. The salts are composed of the thiocyanate ion (−SCN) and a suitable metal cation (e.g., potassium thiocyanate, KSCN). The esters of thiocyanic acid have the general structure R–SCN.
Isothiocyanic acid, HNCS, is a Lewis acid whose free energy, enthalpy and entropy changes for its 1:1 association with a variety of Lewis bases in carbon tetrachloride solution at 25°C have been reported. HNCS acceptor properties are discussed in the ECW model.

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    How proportional action is produced in a pneumatic controller

    Homework Statement (a) With the aid of a sketch explain how proportional action is produced in a pneumatic controller whose output is 0.2 to 1.0 bar. Assume that the controller is direct acting. (b) Show, mathematically, that the output is dependent on the difference between the measured and...
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    Best Resource for Mechanical Engineering Assignments?

    Greetings everyone, UK user here, I'm currently studying for my HNC Mechanical Engineering. Been lurking in the background for a while - this website has definitely got me out of a few tight spots with assignments! Anyway, cheers guys and look forward to getting to know some of you.
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    Mechanical Engineering HNC vs ONC: What's the Difference?

    Hi, I am new here. I am currently studying for my HNC in mechanical engineering :)
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    Engineering Recommendations for Books [HNC in mech eng]

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently working toward a HNC in Mechanical Engineering and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for books to help me out. Ideally what I would like is something that actually breaks the formulas down to their components and explains everything in plain English. If...
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    Statistics - Batch AQL? (Acceptance Quality limit) HNC

    Hi All, Currently on a distance learning HNC and I am not quite sure whether the question just wants me to answer 'yes' or give mathematical evidence. Part A answered, Part B not sure... Any help would be great! 2. The process for the production of an electrical device is suitable for...
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    How Do You Calculate the Dynamics of a Mass Suspended from a Flywheel?

    Homework Statement A mass of 0.5kg is suspended from a flywheel, if the mass is released from rest and falls a distance of 0.5m in 1.5s calculate: A, the Linear acceleration of the mass B, the angular acceleration of the wheel C, the tension in the rope D, the friction torque. Known...
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    Distance Learning HNC at Teesside Uni - Connecting Students

    Hi. Anyone here doing the distance learning hnc at teesside uni.
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    Delta-Delta 3 phase transformer HNC help

    << Thread moved from the technical engineering forums to HH >> I'm currently studying for a HNC in electrical engineering and am currently stuck on a question on one of my assignments. The question is: A Delta-delta, 3 phase transformer steps down the system line voltage of 132kV to a local...
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    HNC Dynamics help please -- Hoist cable looped over a winding drum

    Hi guys I am looking for help with some formulas, its for hnc mech eng, the question is as follows a winding drum with moment of inertia 24 kg m2 and a winding radius of 0.6m is used to accelerate a loaded hoist with mass of 850kg at a rate of 0.8ms by means of a cable, frictional resistance can...
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    Can You Review My HNC ENS-1-TMA Engineering Science Assignment?

    Homework Statement I have made a start to my HNC & finished the first assignment in Engineering Science, Static engineering systems. Homework Equations I have finished all the questions & wondered if I could email my work across for someone to cast an eye over & let me know if...
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    HNC Electronics Project enquiries

    Hi all, I am just trying to finish off my HNC in Electronics which I should have done years ago. My idea is to design a conservatory temperature controlled circuit using an oil radiator and a thermistor circuit. I have no idea if this is sufficient enough for project as I am doing it from...
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    Exploring Bending Theory for Mechanical HNC

    Hi all, i am doing a mechnaical HNC and have some questions i need to expand on. I am asked to "Define the following in terms of bending theory" and i am strugling to find information in the depth i need. Neutral axis: all i know about this is it is a cross section of a beam perpendicular...
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    I=kV^n filament lamp hnc assignment

    Homework Statement what does k and n relate to? i can work them out but don't know exactly what they are. Homework Equations I=kV^n The Attempt at a Solution i think the k and n have something to do with temperature and the tungsten metal in the lamp (coefficient of resistance?)...