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    How proportional action is produced in a pneumatic controller

    Homework Statement (a) With the aid of a sketch explain how proportional action is produced in a pneumatic controller whose output is 0.2 to 1.0 bar. Assume that the controller is direct acting. (b) Show, mathematically, that the output is dependent on the difference between the measured and...
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    Engineering Recommendations for Books [HNC in mech eng]

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently working toward a HNC in Mechanical Engineering and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for books to help me out. Ideally what I would like is something that actually breaks the formulas down to their components and explains everything in plain English. If...
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    Statistics - Batch AQL? (Acceptance Quality limit) HNC

    Hi All, Currently on a distance learning HNC and I am not quite sure whether the question just wants me to answer 'yes' or give mathematical evidence. Part A answered, Part B not sure... Any help would be great! 2. The process for the production of an electrical device is suitable for...
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    Mass suspended from a pulley

    Homework Statement A mass of 0.5kg is suspended from a flywheel, if the mass is released from rest and falls a distance of 0.5m in 1.5s calculate: A, the Linear acceleration of the mass B, the angular acceleration of the wheel C, the tension in the rope D, the friction torque. Known...