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HNC Electronics Project enquiries

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    Hi all,

    I am just trying to finish off my HNC in Electronics which I should have done years ago. My idea is to design a conservatory temperature controlled circuit using an oil radiator and a thermistor circuit. I have no idea if this is sufficient enough for project as I am doing it from home and I have not been assigned a tutor yet. I would just like a few ideas as to how I could go about designing it.

    Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    First you should think about where the radiator and thermistor will be located in the conservatory. Next you should decide whether the control will be bang-bang (either all on or all off) or proportional control. One problem with these controls, especially when there is a delay between applying power to the radiator and sensing it with the thermistor, is the possibility of oscillations and you should consider how you will control that.
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