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  1. entropy1

    I The ontic part

    I was thinking that QM and QM practicioners tend to stay away from the ontology part of QM, and see the QM framework as useful for predicting measurement outcomes. But if I see the properties of wood or plastic, they are explained by the properties of the particles they are "made up from", and I...
  2. entropy1

    B Do worlds of MWI ontologically have to exist?

    Is MWI equivalent to a superposition of possible Collapse-worlds? That is, is it equal to a superposition of the possible scenario's given by Collapse Interpretation? Is it imparative that the "worlds" given by MWI all ontologically exist?
  3. M

    I How do I show a skeptic that atoms/molecules actually exist?

    This might be a stupid question so please bear with me. I am having a debate with a friend of mine over the Internet. It is about science. His argument is that although science works (that is the technology part), science cannot actually tell anything about "reality". He sites for example...
  4. T

    B Why is there a quantum field?

    Are there thoughts as to why there is a quantum field. Does it arise from something more fundamental? Thanks for considering.
  5. G

    I Ontology of wavefunction vs. ontology of electric field

    Hi. Different interpretations of QM have different opinions about the ontology of the wavefunction, i.e. if it really, physically exists or if it is "just" a mathematical tool needed to calculate the outcome of measurements. The QM interpretations comparison table on Wikipedia summarises the...