What is Part time: Definition and 20 Discussions

Part Time (stylized as PARTIME) was an American pop band that was fronted by California-based musician David Loca (also credited as David Speck). Loca produced and wrote virtually all of the band's output, with most of it recorded by himself at his home. AllMusic critic Tim Sendra described the music as "equal parts psychedelic pop, soft rock, and primitive synth pop."

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  1. J

    Programs Is doing a PhD in Engineering Part Time in 8 Years Possible?

    Is it possible for me to get a PhD in electrical engineering while going part time, one class at a time? The college I'm thinking of going to has a 8 year time limit for PhDs before credits expire. 8 years seems like a long time. This would allow for 16 different classes, not sure if summer term...
  2. Q

    Programs Is studying physics as a part time degree effective?

    Hi I have come to a conclusion that I cannot study physics master's in any form since I don't have the necessary background. I am considering the option of pursuing physics degree in part time while working. My question is, if I were to complete bachelor's and master's, would I be eligible to...
  3. dkotschessaa

    Math Part time: Tutoring vs. Teaching

    I've asked about community college teaching before, or really anywhere that will work with someone with a Master's degree. My understanding was that it does not pay well and is more kind of 'for the love of it' type of a thing. I am actually open to that, because I do love it, and I think it...
  4. G

    Studying Can You Balance a Full-Time Aerospace Job with a Part-Time Master's in Physics?

    What is part time masters? What are its pros and cons? Difference between academic fee of part time and full time masters? Would I be able do to part time masters in physics if I have a full time job in aerospace industry?
  5. Nooginy

    Comparing KCL and UCL for Msc: Experiences and Advice?

    Hi all! Just wondering if anyone has any or knows anyone with experience within the departments at KCL or UCL. I have an unconditional offer from both to study a part time masters degree, and to help me decide I am curious if anyone has any good/bad experiences with either, any help is greatly...
  6. Nooginy

    Programs UCL Vs KCL for a masters degree in Physics?

    Hi everyone, just a quick post regarding the above. I have been accepted by both onto a part time (two year) masters degree. I got the KCL offer first and accepted but paid a £500 deposit that I will not get back if I switch. Even though I can't afford it I will switch if I decide UCL is a...
  7. T

    Schools How do graduate schools judge part time graduate applications

    Basically part-time graduate students are paying their own way through grad school. At the least they probably aren't receiving much if any assistance from the university. Because of this, are university departments less strict on the criteria for admitting a part-time student? If i put...
  8. J

    Any part time at home ME jobs?

    Long story short, I'm wondering if there are any at home (extremely) part time ME jobs/ internships out there. If you're interested in more background: I just graduated with a mechanical engineering degree in May with a 3.73 GPA. I am currently in veterinary school and was looking for some...
  9. Who Am I

    Engineering What are the current trends in part-time engineering jobs?

    While I often get replies from people here asking why I don't want to work as much as they do, I'd still like to know if part-time engineering jobs exist. I just have a different lifestyle in mind, and it isn't the typical American style of "work forever and don't enjoy anything else in life...
  10. G

    Part Time UC Berkeley Vs. UC Davis Physics

    I was accepted to both UC Berkeley and UC Davis physics as a junior level transfer student with full scholarship to both schools. I will be accepting one of these schools offers as a part time student because I will be working 30 hours a week (I have a great job + stock options and I am not...
  11. P

    Part-Time Physicist: Can I Work Full-Time and Pursue a Physics Degree?

    Hello all, I am new to this site and first let me say how wonderful this is. I have question for any physicists and any aspiring physicists out there. I am currently 27 years old and I have a huge interest in physics i even study a little in my spare time. I have 3 years of college in...
  12. P

    Part time Masters with Full time job

    Hi everybody I have applied for a job in a company in California (I am from outside US) Now, I was just thinking.. Suppose I will work in "San Jose" or perhaps "Los Angeles" Will I be able to complete my master studies ? In my city, things goes like this: Almost all...
  13. P

    Finding Part Time Work for Undergrad Physics Students

    I am currently an undergraduate studying physics, and am looking to get a part time job to make money. Are there any jobs that would be relevant and useful to a carreer as a physicist that someone with no college degree could get?
  14. M

    MS ME: Full Time or Part Time?

    I'm a recent BSME grad with a good job. I'm debating graduate school. I could move away and go full time or I could take 1 class a semester and continue to work full time at the same school I got my BS from. I'm not sure academia is for me. I thoroughly enjoy learning but homework is...
  15. J

    Possible Part Time Eng. Programs?

    Hey everyone! I was just curious about any schools that offer part time programs that are offered during the day (or at all if it comes to it). I'm studying EET at the moment and plan to graduate with a BS; I just want to know if there is any chance of getting an EE with my credits if I...
  16. Y

    Full-Time or Part-Time Master's: Advice Needed

    Dear all, I am currently working as a lecturer at a polytechnic. I have recently been accepted into a master program (by research) in mathematics (I obtained a B.Sc (Hons) in math 2 years ago). Given that my aim is to get into a good phd program, do you think that I should: My undergraduate...
  17. A

    Part time master in biophysics

    Hello, I'm interested in part time master programs in biophysics. I'm working full time so I will be only able to go to evening classes. Are there any respectable programs in biophysics that allow students to enroll on a part-time basis? I'm looking for MS programs in NY/NJ.. I guess it's...
  18. J

    Studying Studying engineering on a part time basis

    I was wondering if it is possible to obtain an engineering (mechanical specifically) degree by attending school on a part time basis? Reason for my question is that I work full time and attend a local community college for general ed's. The community college offers pretty much all courses in...
  19. J

    Order of classes for a part time student

    I'm currently attending the University of Minnesota in the evenings, waiting for my wife to finish her Ph.D. I plan on going back for a B.S. in engineering, but I haven't picked a field yet. I'm currently taking Calc II, and have the following classes left to take before I start full time...
  20. Pengwuino

    Part-Time IT Job: Network+/Server+ Certification

    Ok I am going for a BS and later grad school for Physics but i was wondering something. Is there a such thing as a part time IT job where the pay isn't minimum wage but doesn't require much more then say, an A+ certification and Server+ or Network+ (forgot which of the last 2 is the advanced...