What is Plasticity: Definition and 19 Discussions

Nonsynaptic plasticity is a form of neuroplasticity that involves modification of ion channel function in the axon, dendrites, and cell body that results in specific changes in the integration of excitatory postsynaptic potentials and inhibitory postsynaptic potentials. Nonsynaptic plasticity is a modification of the intrinsic excitability of the neuron. It interacts with synaptic plasticity, but it is considered a separate entity from synaptic plasticity. Intrinsic modification of the electrical properties of neurons plays a role in many aspects of plasticity from homeostatic plasticity to learning and memory itself. Nonsynaptic plasticity affects synaptic integration, subthreshold propagation, spike generation, and other fundamental mechanisms of neurons at the cellular level. These individual neuronal alterations can result in changes in higher brain function, especially learning and memory. However, as an emerging field in neuroscience, much of the knowledge about nonsynaptic plasticity is uncertain and still requires further investigation to better define its role in brain function and behavior.

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  1. EddieP

    Thermal expansion of air bubbles in plastic

    I am interested in the potential for air bubbles in a plastic structure to expand with heat, and put pressure on the plastic surrounding the air bubble. In this case the plastic structure is formed by melting a thermoplastic powder. In between the grains of powder are voids with air in them. As...
  2. H

    Difference between the inelasticity and plasticity of metals

    It is felt that inelasticity can be used interchangeably.
  3. M

    Impact of two elastic bodies

    Hello Can someone please tell me what is the use of poisson's ration in determinig stress cos what I know in this case we should have stress=E*strain and so now use for poison
  4. B

    Medical Age for brain plasticity

    Until what age does brain plasticity still manifest? If it's real.. how come those of us who are poor in math are still poor in math and our brain math circuit ain't developing?
  5. A

    Kinematic_plasticity in abaqus

    HI I am not sure why there is a problem with my material model, I seem to be getting an error: "Only one hardening slope is allowed for kinematic hardening". material property is: tangent modulus (Et = 15GPa) Yield stress is 19000 MPa please help me
  6. A

    Difference between 'plastic yielding' & plastic strength?

    I am going through a literature where the terms like ( 'plastic yielding' , 'plastic yield strength', plastic strength' and 'plastic stress') are regularly used and I am confused. Are they different and if yes then how each term differs from the other? I also want to know relation of plastic...
  7. F

    What happens if there is no brain plasticity

    What would happen if there is no brain plasticity? Would the brain be incapable of gaining new memory? Say you grow to a certain age, obtain enough memory, feeling, and such then the brain plasticity stops(yes, I know it is not supposed to), what would happen to that person? Is he still able to...
  8. PinkGeologist

    What is a hardening function? What does it represent?

    So, I was introduced tangentially to plastic deformation and hardening functions. I see we have three basic function ... and the linear and kinematic seem to be the most common defaults ... I see it is a measure of the strain of a material under stress. But how would you know which version to...
  9. H

    Dendritic Spines,GABA receptors and plasticity?

    Which type of GABA receptors are present on dendritic spines? Also where are they present on the dendritic spine (i.e. head, neck or shaft)? Also, how do these GABA receptors contribute to dendritic spine plasticity? Any references would be greatly appreciated.
  10. A

    Maximum thermal cycle range to avoid onset of plasticity

    Homework Statement The linear thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum is 22.2x10-6 m/m K and that of alumina is 5.4x10-6 m/m K. If the criterion for onset of dislocation plasticity is related to thermal mismatch exceeding Burgers vector for aluminum, which is 2.8x10-10 m. What is the...
  11. D

    Slijper’s two-legged goat - developmental plasticity

    In her treatise 'Developmental plasticity and the origin of species differences' (PDF), Mary Jane West-Eberhard argues 'that the origin of species differences, and of novel phenotypes in general, involves the reorganization of ancestral phenotypes (developmental recombination) followed by the...
  12. Z

    Desirable work hardening for plasticity of metal

    Dear all, As we know, the work hardening of metallic materials is a result of dislocation movement within the material. But, is there a case in which work hardening is desirable to enhance the plasticity of the metal material? If yes, what's the relationship between plastic deformation and work...
  13. E

    Biological Determinism & Plasticity

    A thought popped into my head today regarding biological determinism and possible consequences of such, and more specifically, how plasticity of the brain plays some role in this. Many purport that once we reach a great enough level of expertise in the natural sciences--specifically...
  14. P

    Plasticity Q for complex structures

    Homework Statement I have attached a jpeg of the question invloved. Involving finding shap factors for both the T and the sqaure piece. Homework Equations Due to illness i missed the lecture for this topic and as such i am missing the relevant equations on how to attempt this. If...
  15. S

    What is the definition of brain plasticity?

    Hello everyone, Ok I read the definitions. I think it is how the brain learns from mistakes, and remembers stuff and rewires itself. But I would still like to get someone's else's opinion on this. Thanks :smile:
  16. K

    BBC's Horizon edition on neural plasticity

    Well, with some degree of uncertainty that this thread is going to start any kind of conversation that could go anywhere – I am not really posing any questions, I’m not sure if it is proscribed or even intended that all threads should start with a question – I wanted to mention something I saw...
  17. B

    Elastic-Linear Hardening Model of Plasticity

    I'm analysing a simple truss structure in Abaqus, comparing the results from linear elastic, elastic perfect plastic and elastic linear hardening assumptions. When it comes to linear hardening I need to define in Abaqus the plastic region of the stress strain curve. I know the gradient E of...
  18. PerennialII

    Implementing hydrogen effects in constitutive modeling of metal plasticity

    I've been working on/off with problems of environmentally assisted cracking, primarily in the fracture mechanics side of things and on occation some damage mechanics work. As a continuation for this I started looking for plasticity models which introduce the effects of hydrogen directly into...
  19. M

    Unsure of Earth's Plasticity: Water Erosion Questions

    How plastic is the Earth? I don't mean like literal plastic, but I mean "how moldable is it?". How long would it take water to erode away ground? Does the amount of water make a difference? Obviously I'm lost, as far as geology goes, so any help is appreciated :smile:.