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Dendritic Spines,GABA receptors and plasticity?

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    Which type of GABA receptors are present on dendritic spines? Also where are they present on the dendritic spine (i.e. head, neck or shaft)? Also, how do these GABA receptors contribute to dendritic spine plasticity?

    Any references would be greatly appreciated.
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    Here you go, how about this article:


    It was the first article that came up on a pubmed search. For a more general biology or neurology question, your may get personal insight from some of the members. However, your post seems to be very specific. Therefore, my guess is that most members will not have this information right off the top of their heads, and would have to do some research, like on pubmed, to answer your question. This, however, is something that you could probably do yourself just as easily. So, I'm thinking that is your best bet. If, after that, you are still perplexed, then perhaps check back.
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