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PowerPlant is an object-oriented GUI toolkit, application framework and set of class libraries for the Classic Mac OS, created by Metrowerks. The framework was fairly popular during the late (OS versions 8 and 9) Classic Mac OS era, and was primarily used with CodeWarrior. It was designed to work with a GUI editor called Constructor, which was primarily a resource editor specializing in UI elements. Constructor used several custom resource types, 'PPob' ("PowerPlant object"—a general view description), 'CTYP' (custom widgets), and Mcmd (used for dispatching menu-related events). Later it was ported to also support MacOS X development with a single code base.After Metrowerks was acquired by Motorola, then spun out as part of Freescale Semiconductor, PowerPlant and the rest of the CodeWarrior desktop development tools were discontinued.During its heyday from the mid-1990s until the early 2000s, PowerPlant was the most popular framework available for Mac programmers, replacing both the THINK Class Library and MacApp as the premier object-oriented toolkit for the MacOS; however, the transition to MacOS X was rather difficult for many PowerPlant programmers. In 1997, there was no plan to port PowerPlant to the Yellow Box API found on Rhapsody, a radically different API that would become Cocoa, the official MacOS X API. Instead Metrowerks plan was to port PowerPlant using Codewarior Latitude, a Mac to UNIX porting library they acquired recently. In 2000, as Apple revised its transition plans, PowerPlant was ported to Carbon, with the Aqua user interface on MacOS X, offering a solution for developers wanting to support the new operating system.A new version, PowerPlant X, was introduced in 2004 as a native Carbon framework, using Carbon Events but never became as popular on Mac OS X as PowerPlant had been on Classic Mac OS.In February 2006, the PowerPlant class libraries were released as open source under the BSD license hosted on SourceForge. Although it could theoretically be recompiled for x86-64 Macs, it is Carbon-dependent and therefore can only be used in 32-bit mode, which preclude its use for software to run on macOS Catalina or later as 32-bit application support was dropped by the system.

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    Turkey Point nuclear powerplant and Irma?

    Hi Sorry, English is not my first language. Is Turkey Point nuclear powerplant in Florida safe for the storm surge of Irma ?
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    Calculating Efficiency and Thermal Source Rate in a Steam-Electric Power Plant

    Homework Statement A steam-electric power plant delivers 900 MW of electric power. The surplus heat is exhausted into a river with a flow of 5.51×105 kg/s, causing a change in temperature of 1.35 oC. What is the efficiency of the power plant? What is the rate of the thermal source? Homework...
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    Can a Nuclear Pile Power a Space Station?

    I have a basic understanding about the fissioning process in atom bombs and in nuclear reactors but that's not what my question is about. It's about a nuclear pile of a radio-active material. A pile of the element to power a space station of considerable size like say 500,000 Metric Tons. Is it...
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    Underground nuclear powerplant

    Perhaps this is a very stupid question, but why aren't nuclear power-plants built underground? In a subterranean structure I'm thinking any natural disaster would at worst collapse the cavity without spreading radioactivity. Are subterranean construction really so intrinsically difficult...
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    Gravitational Vortex Powerplant

    Anyone has ever came across this powerplant? I'm a final year mechanical student, and i was asked to design the turbine blade to harness tp obtain the maximum efficiency of the hydro vortex. I'll be glad if someone can help me out by giving me some vortex calculations,simulations or any related...
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    How Much Heat Does a Power Plant Transfer to a River Each Second?

    Homework Statement A power plant has a power output of 1246 MW and operates with an efficiency of 34.8 percent. Excess energy is carried away as heat from the plant to a nearby river that has a flow rate of 1.4 * 10^6 kg/s. How much energy is transferred as heat to the river each second...
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    Designing coal feeders for a powerplant.

    I was given this problem as an excercise in thermodynamics and to better understand powerplant systems. I am having difficulties because as a civil engineering student I haven't taken a lot of thermodynamics. The one course I did take was several semesters ago and wasn't that advanced...
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    Could an Earthquake Rip Open a Nuclear Powerplant?

    This is just a question that has been bugging me for awhile, but, in a worst-case scenario, if you say had an earthquake where the ground split open, and a nuclear plant was right over the split, could the reactor literally be "ripped open" in such an instance? And if so, would this cause the...
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    PIDEC: Nuclear-Photoelectric Powerplant

    Nuclear power generator uses radioactive particle emission to stimulate fluorescent material which then lights up photoelectric cell. It's called PIDEC: http://www.physorg.com/news158848950.html http://nextbigfuture.com/2009/04/direct-conversion-of-nuclear-power-to.html They're claiming upto...
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    Creating an Efficient Atmospheric Powerplant with Hot Air Balloon Principles

    Please, write what is wrong with this reasoning: ATMOSPHERIC POWERPLANT The main idea of global warming is that greenhouse gases prevent the energy from leaving the surface of planet. In the same time the upper layers of the troposphere are much colder and successfully emit the infrared...
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    How Much Exhaust Heat Does a Nuclear Power Plant Discharge Per Hour?

    [SOLVED] Nuclear Powerplant Efficiency Homework Statement A nuclear power plant operates at 78% of its maximum theoretical (Carnot) efficiency between temperatures of 540°C and 330°C. If the plant produces electric energy at the rate of 1.3 GW, how much exhaust heat is discharged per hour...
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    Thermonuclear plasma turbine powerplant?

    I know that confinement and stability are a big issues when it comes to harnessing fusion power in a controlled fashion, but what if we could do away with the stability constraint? (sorry if this is completely unfeasible, I don't really know very much about plasma and discharge physics). My...
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    Could ancient technology be the answer to sustainable energy production?

    <link deleted> It details the discovery of a 2300 year old battery found in Iraq. basically it is a pot with some wiring and a copper rod in the middle add some grape wine and you have have a battery capable of generating 0.8 volts. so here is my question: if this would be cheap to maintain...