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  1. Rahulx084

    Irreversible quasi-static processes?

    I read an example where if I go from initial to final state extremely fast (gas inside a piston cylinder assembly) , the gas inside it will be very unhappy, its not going to stay in equilibrium, parts of the system are going to be at different pressure and parts of it at something other...
  2. S

    Question about Reversible Engines and Carnot Efficiency

    Homework Statement I have a question regarding heat engines that cropped up whilst I was doing a practice question. I will summarise the results I obtained for the previous parts of the question so as to save your time. The highlighted parts of the image are where I am having some issues. I...
  3. A

    Reversible Work and Irreversibility

    I am trying to grasp the concepts of reversible work, irreversible work and irreversibility.(Last one is the difference between them if i am not mistaken.) Let us consider a rigid and evacuated container at volume V. Then, a valve opens and athmospheric air (P0, T0 is filling the tank. The wall...
  4. R

    Entropy change in irreversible processes

    The equation for entropy S=delta(Q)/T is derived from reversible processes such as Carnot cycle. The delta(Q) in the equation is the reversible heat added or taken out from the system. So, why is this equation valid in the case of processes like cooling of a body which is irreversible?