What is Rookie: Definition and 11 Discussions

A rookie is a person in the first year of activity in a sport, or someone new to a profession, training, or activity such as a rookie police officer, rookie pilot, or a recruit.

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  1. E

    B Rookie question about proper time

    I thought I had a decent basic understanding of this stuff, but it turns out I've got quite a lot of gaps. I drew 3 frames, S, S' and S", where S' and S" move at ##v_1## and ##v_2## w.r.t. S in the ##x## direction, and two different paths to a particular event P: Now the proper time between...
  2. YoungPhysicist

    Understanding the Derivative of a Polynomial with Exponent 10

    Homework Statement ##f(x) = (5x+6)^{10} , f'(x)=?## Homework Equations ##\frac{d}{dx}x^n = nx^{n-1}##? 3. The Attempt at a Solution [/B] I do know the solution ##f'(x) = 50(5x+6)^9##,but I don't know how this solution came to be.I downloaded this problem from the web and it only comes with...
  3. YoungPhysicist

    B A rookie question for integrals of polynomial functions

    $$\int x^2+3 = \frac{x^3}{3}+3x+C$$ I can get the front two part by power rule, but what is the C doing there? Wolframalpha suggested it should be a constant, but what value should it be? Sorry for asking rookie questions:-p
  4. T

    B I'm a rookie and I have a question about spacetime

    I'm very new to this site and most assuredly and not a physicist (or a scientist) , but I have a question I'm hoping y'all can help me with. If I were traveling at or near the speed of light for a set distance- say Andromeda and back, time will slow down for me relative to the static observer...
  5. A

    Building Musical Instruments: Exploring the Intersection of Physics and Music

    Hey guys, I'm just writing this post to sey hey guys, literally. I love science in general and I hope to be a neurologist some day, but I'm just here to clear out some doubts about personal concerns and projects for school and that I want to work on my own. Today I decided to enter this forums...
  6. K

    Exploring the Intersection of Physics and Neuroscience: A Student's Journey

    Im a student on my way towards learning the fascinating components of what makes everything work. I want to apply physics into the realms of neuroscience and this is why I've chosen Biophysics. I wish I could say more but I am barely learning but truly excited to see what I can add to this field...
  7. BilboBombadillo

    Unpacking the Big Bang: Understanding the Rapid Expansion of Space

    Ahoy. Two things ought to be known prior to your reading my terrible post: 1. This is my first post. 2. I don't know very much about this whole business (though time and passion suggests I should) Considering its my first post, let's start at the beginning: Now, I've been reading a whole...
  8. I

    Help a rookie understand lightspeed

    Although I do have a degree in chemical engineering, I am studying relativity/cosmology on a beginning level just as a hobby. I'm currently attempting to wade through Einstein's relativity equations. However I remain troubled by the underpinning of the whole thing - the constancy of the speed of...
  9. M

    Total rookie here. Prob an easy question for you guys/gals

    Total rookie here. Prob an easy question for you guys/gals :) Hello, I just found this forum through google. I have a question about a diy bike pedal powerered electrical project. I need to ensure that the equipment I plan to generate power for will be supplied with enough amps/volts ect...
  10. M

    Rookie Energy Query: Mass Outflow in Supernovas

    I am a little unsure about something, take this example for instance: In a supernova event, a star ejects X amount of mass at a relativistic speed, say 0.5c. What's the total energy of this outflow in the reference frame in which the star's at rest. Now would I be correct to assume that...
  11. M

    Solving a Rookie QB's Trajectory Problem

    Ok I think i am getting the hang of this stuff. But, A rookie quaterback throws a football with an initial upward velocity component of 16.0 m/s and a horizontal velocity component of 19.0 m/s. Ignore air resistance. a. how much time is required for the ball to reach the highes point of...