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  1. J

    Schools Help to find best high school in the US to become a theoretical phyicist

    Dear everyone, My younger brother who is 15 years old and me, both live in the UK. He is determined to become a theoretical physicist like Zeldovich or Ginzburg. We have an opportunity to send him to a US high school because it is the best place to become and be a physicist. Could you please...
  2. A

    Schools Graduate school program

    I’m currently trying to decide which of the following schools to attend: Ohio state University Indiana University Florida State University I would like to go into nuclear or high energy physics. I’ve contacted the schools and I had great interviews with the professors and I enjoyed the...
  3. Magna Curiositate

    Biology Road to becoming a Botanist?

    Hi there, I was hoping I could get some advice to get on a path to become a Botanist, specifically one the deals in the Genetics Engineering of new Plants (not Pharming but something along the lines of creating new breeds of plant for consumption). I feel this is what I want to do with my life...
  4. D

    Admissions Waterloo vs. Minnesota Duluth for physics M.Sc.

    I received acceptances from the University of Minnesota, Duluth (not Twin Cities) and the University of Waterloo for their physics M.Sc. programs. I am interested in string theory - not exactly sure about the subfield. At Duluth, there is only one professor working in string cosmology who I...
  5. I

    Schools Funded physics masters programs

    I was wondering if you guys know of any funded masters programs in physics - tuition waiver + stipend; or only stipend enough to cover tuition and modest living expenses. I am not too particular about the country but I am looking for programs where the norm is that the department funds all their...
  6. I

    Is Brown good for string theory?

    Is Brown a good university for string theory? I've checked out their website but was wondering about the general reputation and strength of the researchers in string theory at Brown. It does seem like a small school and guessing their acceptance rate would be low. Thanks
  7. A

    Does the school I graduate from matter?

    OK so I currently attend The University of North Texas, which is by no means a prestigious school for physics. I am a physics major with 72 hours of coursework under my belt. I plan to attend graduate school and would like to get into a good school for something in the realm of theoretical...
  8. L

    String Theory, which is stronger, Caltech or Stanford?

    Hello everyone. I am an international student from China. Currently I received offers of a PhD position from both Caltech and Stanford. I applied for Hep-th and my main interests are formal field theories and string theory. I know both Caltech and Stanford are great schools in physics. And it...
  9. C

    Is AP Statistics Necessary?

    Hello. So I'm graduating this year and will be attending university to study physics and math. AP courses my school offers include AP Calculus and AP English. I did Calculus last year, and this year will be taking AP English. My school doesn't offer AP Chemistry, but (I live in British Columbia)...
  10. M

    MSOE (Milwaukee school of engineering)

    Hi I am interested in becoming an engineer, a software engineer. I was wondering if Msoe is well known outside of the Midwest. Will I get a job with a degree from this school?and what do you think about this school?
  11. I

    Schools College Decision

    Hello Everyone! I have a interesting decision to make. I have been accepted into University of Wisconsin-Plateville for Environmental Engineering, which I can start taking classes towards my degree. I have also been accepted into the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, however i got into the...