What is String wave: Definition and 14 Discussions

A vibration in a string is a wave. Resonance causes a vibrating string to produce a sound with constant frequency, i.e. constant pitch. If the length or tension of the string is correctly adjusted, the sound produced is a musical tone. Vibrating strings are the basis of string instruments such as guitars, cellos, and pianos.

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  1. J

    Addition of Harmonics in a string wave

    In basic optics, we are given the general solution of the wave equation (massless string of length L) as a linear combination of normal modes, that need to have some of the permitted frequencies due to boundary conditions. In laboratory, we observed that phenomenon. We generated a wave in a...
  2. K

    Unfingered Guitar String Vibration Frequency: 627 Hz

    Homework Statement When unfingered, a string on a guitar vibrates at 627 Hz. What frequency will the string produce when fingered one third of the way from the end, that is only two thirds of the string can vibrate? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I am not too sure what equations...
  3. M

    Frequency and wavelength of vertical string wave

    Homework Statement A long, heavy rope hangs straight down from a high balcony on an apartment building. The lower end of the rope hangs about 1.0 m above the ground. If you grab onto the lower end and waggle it back and forth with constant frequency f, a wave travels up the rope. What would...
  4. T

    Sound of vibrating string - modes

    Homework Statement Suppose we listen to the sound of a vibrating string with a pickup that is sensitive to the motion at a point 1/3 of the string's length from one end. Which statement is true? A.) We will be able to hear all of the modes except the third B.) We will not be able to hear the...
  5. T

    Sound & Music - Mass per unit length

    Homework Statement Suppose a harp string is tuned to middle C (C4) and is 0.56m long. If I want the tension to be 193.5 N, what mass per unit length do I need the harp string to be? Calculate your answer in kg.m Homework Equations Vs = sqrt(T/μ) V = fλ The Attempt at a Solution Having a very...
  6. Rookie

    String Wave Velocity and Tension

    Homework Statement The length of a stretched string is 1m. Its mass per length is 2x10-3kg/m. The string resonates at its 4th harmonic at 400Hz. (a) Calculate the velocity of the string wave. (b) Calculate the string tension. Homework Equations fn = nv / 2L v² = F / μ The...
  7. Saitama

    Can Algebra Solve String Wave Problems?

    Homework Statement I am posting three problems together as I believe they are quite short. 1.Show that the particle speed can never equal to the wave speed in a sine wave if the amplitude is less than wavelength divided by ##2\pi##. 2.Two wave pulses identical in shape but inverted with...
  8. D

    MHB Diagnosing an Error in my String Wave Solution

    My plot seems wrong so I am not sure what the problem is: (a) mistake in sol (b) mistake in coding. A clamped, uniform string under tension \(T\) has length \(\ell\). The string is struck in the middle, giving an initial tranverse velocity distribution \[...
  9. genxium

    String wave and small angle approximation?

    Homework Statement I'm so confused about the derivation of the famous equation v=\sqrt{\frac{T}{u}}, I tried to derive it by myself but failed, then I turned to wikipedia but the derivation there really gave me a shock! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vibrating_string" I have no idea...
  10. H

    What is the force distribution in a string wave?

    we know that the force at any point of the rope(in the wave position) is tangential. however at a typical point we have two tangential force oppositely directed. so they must neutralize each other. how the force exists in the rope?
  11. J

    Infinite string wave equation

    Infinite string at rest for t<0, has instantaneous transverse blow at t=0 which gives initial velocity of V \delta ( x - x_{0} ) for a constant V. Derive the position of string for later time. I thought that this would be y_{tt} = c^{2} y_{xx} with y_{t} (x, 0) = V \delta ( x - x_{0} ) ...
  12. S

    Standing Wave Analysis on a Stretched Wire with Fixed Endpoints

    Homework Statement A wire with mass 35.0 is stretched so that its ends are tied down at points a distance 83.0 apart. The wire vibrates in its fundamental mode with frequency 64.0 and with an amplitude at the antinodes of 0.270 . it asks for: Tension Speed of propagation maxmimum...
  13. S

    How Does Wave Propagation Behave at the Junction of Iron and Copper Strings?

    i have a question regarding wave propagation in a string suppose two strings of ,one of iron and other of copper are tied to each other at one end . the free end s of both are connected to the wall . now a wave triggered in iron string , what happens ? it moves through the the length of iron...
  14. C

    Solving String Wave Frequency: 6m in 0.5s

    Hi all, I can't seemed to figure this out... question: one end of the string 6m long is moved up and down with simple harmonic motion at a frequency of 60Hz. the wave reach the other end of the string in 0.5s. find the wavelength of the waves on the string. I know wavelength = velocity...