What is Summer program: Definition and 18 Discussions

The Summer Science Program (SSP) is an academic summer program where high school students experience college-level education and do research in celestial mechanics by studying the orbits of asteroids or biochemistry by studying the kinetic properties of enzymes. The program was established in 1959 at The Thacher School in Ojai, California. It now takes place on two astrophysics campuses, New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico and University of Colorado, Boulder in Boulder, Colorado, and two biochemistry campuses, Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana and Indiana University Bloomington in Bloomington, Indiana.
In the Astrophysics program, each team takes a series of images of a near-earth asteroid, then writes software to calculate its orbit and predict its future path. In the Biochemistry program, each team isolates and models an enzyme from a fungal crop pathogen, then designs a molecule to inhibit that enzyme.

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  1. drawded

    Programs How should I prepare for Berkeley's Math 1A & Physics 8A?

    I just finished my sophomore year of high school and I'm taking Math 1A and physics 8A this summer. I got A's for both my physics II (school doesn't offer AP phys) and advanced algebra 2 + trig (I think it's equivalent to precalc, highest level offered in my grade) classes, but I feel like the...
  2. F

    News Holiday trip for physics student

    Hi everyone, do you know a trip/educational trip to do in summer for a 1st year undergraduate student in Physics (in Europe)? I've heard about CERN summer students' school, but I think it' s alittoe bit too advanced for my knowledge of the subject.
  3. L

    Programs 2018 REU and Summer Program Acceptance Thread

    It is that time of year again. Here's a space to check on acceptances for REU programs or other summer jobs. SULI and SURF come to mind. I imagine most of them will start coming by the end of the month. What are you waiting on? What are you excited for? What do you wish you had applied for? What...
  4. S

    Programs CERN Summer Program: Acceptance Rate?

    Hello! Does anyone know what is (approximately) the acceptance rate for the CERN Summer Student Program? Thank you!
  5. L

    Programs Summer camps in physics/astronomy for 9-12 graders

    As the title says...I am hoping for recommendations for the 2017 summer. Specifically, Southeast US, one week residential, hopefully under or around 500 dollar physics or astronomy camp for rising 9-12 graders. Thank you very much.
  6. AdaggerA

    Admissions Applying for summer programs and picking a field.

    I am a third year physics major doing my undergrad. First, let me give you an idea on my academic background. We just picked our majors this year, meaning before we had to take other courses like courses from Biology, Chemistry, etc. This year I'll be taking courses like Classical mech, Quantum...
  7. LeftMyHeartInErebor

    Other Find Physics Internships: Tips & Advice for Success

    I'm trying to think ahead and start looking for summer internships, I'll be done with my sophomore year of physics by then. I know there are a lot out there, I know of a few, have stumbled on a few, how do I find more? I know that getting as much experience as possible is necessary for my...
  8. I

    Programs Has anyone heard back from Caltech for the LIGO summer program?

    Hi everyone, I have applied to the LIGO summer program. But I'm not from Caltech. I'm wondering if anyone has heard back from Caltech yet. Thanks
  9. I

    Programs Perimeter Institute Undergraduate summer program 2016

    Hi, has anyone applied to Perimeter Institute 2016 Undergraduate summer program? I just wonder how competitive this program is.
  10. Kiarash

    Writing CV for an advanced undergraduate summer school

    I am applying to an undergraduate summer school. I should write a CV, but I do not know how should I write it. I would be happy if anyone can help me with the same experience. Thanks.
  11. C

    International undergrad summer research (1st or 2nd year)

    Hello, I’m doing my first year of bachelor degree in physics in Italy and I would really like to get some research experience before my third year. Do you know any (international) summer research opportunity for a physics student who completed his first or second year of studies? I would be ok...
  12. L

    Any ideas for a summer program project for high school science students?

    Hello guys, I'm a master's here in California and just accepted a job offer for the summer. I will be in charge of a pilot program where I am in charge of 15 students (juniors and seniors interested in science) for 2.5 hours a day, monday through thursday, for 5 weeks. I have to have them...
  13. the potato one

    Programs REU Application: Recent major change

    Hello, all! I am a junior at a small-ish school, and I have just decided to change my major from a B.S. in physics education to a B.A. in physics. I have a strong physics background (All A's and one B+ in my physics classes, all A's in math), and I've taken all of the lower-level physics...
  14. W

    Summer program for undergraduates

    Do you know any international summer program I physics for undergraduate students with free tuition? I am physics sophomore and I am interested in mathematical physics, gravitation, particles and fields.
  15. C

    Has anyone heard from DOE's SULI summer program?

    Hello, I applied to work at LBNL or ORNL on fusion energy research this summer and haven't heard anything...have you, from any lab?? Thanks.
  16. G

    Need Summer Program Suggestions

    Hello, First of all I love the site! I really love exploring all the different subforums and learning a lot about all the different areas of physics and the rest of science. Anyways, I am a junior in high school, and I took a Pre-AP Physics class in my freshman year and liked it but didn't...
  17. A

    Which is Better for College Applications: Summer Program or Research Program?

    Hi, I am a junior in high school, and was wondering what would look better. A summer program at a university (probaly Rutgers - Physics), or a research program under a mentor (rutgers or princeton) Last summer I did a summer program at Harvard - Astronomy. I want to pursue...
  18. J

    Deciding on Summer Engineering Program - High School Sophomore, Cheshire, CT

    Hey... I am a high school sophomore in Cheshire, Connecticut. I plan to study engineering once I get to university. In order to get a feel for what engineering entails, I decided to check out some engineering programs. However, I came across two college credit summer programs too - Harvard and...