What is Tensile test: Definition and 21 Discussions

Tensile testing, also known as tension testing, is a fundamental materials science and engineering test in which a sample is subjected to a controlled tension until failure. Properties that are directly measured via a tensile test are ultimate tensile strength, breaking strength, maximum elongation and reduction in area. From these measurements the following properties can also be determined: Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio, yield strength, and strain-hardening characteristics. Uniaxial tensile testing is the most commonly used for obtaining the mechanical characteristics of isotropic materials. Some materials use biaxial tensile testing. The main difference between these testing machines being how load is applied on the materials.

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  1. E

    Tensile test machine and Extensometer -- connection problems

    Dear friends i am using tensile test machine, tinius olsen 602 to conduct a tensile test for Glass-fiber composite. i am facing problem of using an extensometer from Epsilon (gage length is 25 mm). I have connected the extensometer to the tensile test machine(tinius olsen 602) through the...
  2. R

    Can anyone help with strange deflection in ANSYS 15 tensile test simulation?

    Hello everyone! I am trying to modelate a tensile test of dumbbell-shaped specimen under ACP PrePost and Static Structural modules. The laminate I am configuring consists of 6 laminas of E FiberGlass orientated +/-45°. For simplicity I am working with 1/4 of the geometry and the boundary...
  3. J

    1018 carbon steel tensile test explanation

    Tensile tested 2 samples of 1018 unheat treated carbon steel, assumed to be very similar steel (bought from same place, same order, ect) but very different tensile test results. The results of the tensile test can be seen below as well as a few calculated values. I do not know what this would be...
  4. H

    Why true strain is always smaller than nominal strain in tensile test?

    Hi everyone. I'm studying Mechanics of Materials and I got some question about 'nominal/true strain'. First of all, I agree that in tensile test, nominal stress is always smaller than true stress σt > σn cause when the material specimen is being stretched, then the actual area of the...
  5. weezy

    Measuring Tensile Strength in an alternative way

    So I've been looking at a few material tests and they all start with a rectangular sample of the material, loaded into a machine which extends them by increasing load at a constant rate and measures the strain/stress till the point of material fracture. The yield stress is measured in usually...
  6. T

    Tensile Test Results: Adhesion of Tape to Plastic Surface

    Hello, I am currently writing my thesis, where I have to investigate if a surface treatment increases the adhesion (between tape and a plastic surface). For this purpose, I have among other tests, performed a tensile test between the tape and plastic surface. The tensile test can be separated...
  7. D

    Tensile Test of Slip Ring - Working out Tensile Strength

    All, Through work, I've recently been tasked with investigating a very old tensile test technique, according to BS HC 403:1977 (now withdrawn). Essentially, you take a ring. Anywhere along it you make a slit all the way through. You then pull that ring in a tensile machine, ensuring that the...
  8. Ravi Singh choudhary

    Reliability of Upper/lower yield point in tensile test.

    Some metal give two yield point in stress strain diagram. One is called Upper yield point and Lower yield point. Why lower yield point is considered as more reliable. I can think of Upper yield point is much more dependent upon experimental apparatus settings. So why lower yield point is much...
  9. B

    Tensile test failure velocity

    Hi, so when doing a tensile test let's say on a threaded bar and a nut. The nut thread reaches failure and shoots off. How would you calculate that velocity and the actual force that it would hit say a wall 20cm away. just for information the failure point was at about 300kN
  10. K

    Uniaxial Tension Test: Calculating Strain from Extension Data?

    I conducted a uniaxial tension test for a variety of materials but wasn't able to gather much useful axial strain data due to the extensometer continually slipping. I have axial strain data for the linear elastic region of the stress strain curve and I also have the extension of the crossbar of...
  11. H

    Displacement controlled tensile test

    Hi, I'm looking for the result of displacement controlled tensile test. I want to know about the x-axis component and y-axis component of the result, not the whole data. I read about some articles about these and they said displacement control is most common. I've searched a lot but all I found...
  12. B

    Tensile Test Specimen Point of Failure

    I am a part C Mechanical Engineering student and have been undertaking a project investigating the strain sensitivity of a particular glass filled composite. From my quasi-static results, the stress-strain curves seem to be reasonable and match that of the mechanical material properties...
  13. Q

    I have this real graphic from a tensile test

    Homework Statement How can I calculate the ultimate stress? (I refere to the stress that it's in the green rectangle). I have a real graphic, I have two deformations, (it was 2 test, from the same material) and only one stress. The orange curve is Stress versus unit deformation 1, and the gray...
  14. H

    Help with data from tensile test

    Hi Just got the data from a tensile strength test on a axle we did in school. Before it broke: http://i.imgur.com/1ddrZ7j.png The data : https://www.dropbox.com/s/xf5m8m8gyco561n/data.txt column 1: the displacement in mm column 2: the force in kNI'm supposed to plot a stress strain diagram...
  15. J

    Young's Modulus (tensile Test)

    Homework Statement Original Cross sectional area 24.63mm^2 original diameter 5.6mm Gauge length 35.07mm Extension length of the point on the graph i have chosen: 0.25mm Force at 0.25mm extension 3500N (or 3.5KN) Homework Equations (F/A0)/(ΔL/L) The Attempt at a Solution I have gone...
  16. W

    Help : Determine shear modulus from tensile test

    Hi, i just did a unaxial tensile test for a done specimen. What i got is the stress-strain curve, and poison ratio. May i know how can i determine the shear modulus G12 ? I gt E1, E2 and V12 and V21.
  17. H

    Conducting a Tensile Test Assignment: Materials and Conclusions

    Hi all, I am doing a tensile test assignment and I've hit a brick wall with regards to research just wondered if anyone had any good pointers or books i could look up. I have 3 materials in the tensile test which i have plotted stress/strain graphs for which is all good and well and from...
  18. N

    Ansys Tensile Test: Troubleshooting Elongation

    I am trying to create a model in ansys for a composite coupon with a width of .5", height of 9", and thickness of .16". I have input my own material library file with my material data and I am having trouble getting the model to thin at the middle like a tensile specimine would normally do. I...
  19. H

    Tensile Test vs. Bending Test Stresses

    This is more of a theoretical question. Not sure if this should be under this section or Mechanical Engineering. Homework Statement For 1018 steel, I tested the UTS to be about 83 ksi for a dogbone specimen with a circular cross-section. However, when I determined the Ultimate Bending...
  20. E

    Calculate Stress & Strain from Lab Results for Steel

    How would i calculate the stress and strain with the results from a lab below: Steel’s original diameter: 8.00 mm Steel’s original length: 49.96 mm Steel’s final diameter: 4.64 mm Steel’s final length: 63.17 mm Steel’s maximum load force: 26.43 kN I also have an MS Excel table of time, laser...