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Displacement controlled tensile test

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    Hi, I'm looking for the result of displacement controlled tensile test.
    I want to know about the x axis component and y axis component of the result, not the whole data.
    I read about some articles about these and they said displacement control is most common.
    I've searched a lot but all I found was strain control or load control.
    If anyone know, kindly share at here.
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    Strain controlled and displacement controlled tests are identical in that the rate of travel during the test is maintained constant throughout the test and the required load is measured; as opposed to a load test where a uniform rate of loading is applied and the displacement is measured.
    For the majority of tensile testing machines the graphing for both methods is identical with x as displacement and y as load; and, this is the preferred orientation because it is the one that corresponds to essentially all stress vs strain graphs presented in texts and reference documents.
    On the other hand, many years ago I used one machine on which this graph orientation was reversed; and, the ASM International 2004 Tensile Testing, Second Edition (#05106G) includes an figures with both orientations.
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    Thank you very much, those are really helpful!
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