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Walter Hendrik Gustav Lewin (born January 29, 1936) is a Dutch astrophysicist and former professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lewin earned his doctorate in nuclear physics in 1965 at the Delft University of Technology and was a member of MIT's physics faculty for 43 years beginning in 1966 until his retirement in 2009.
Lewin's contributions in astrophysics include the first discovery of a rotating neutron star through all-sky balloon surveys and research in X-ray detection in investigations through satellites and observatories. Lewin has received awards for teaching and is known for his lectures on physics and their publication online via YouTube, MIT OpenCourseWare and edX.
In December 2014, MIT revoked Lewin's Professor Emeritus title after an MIT investigation determined that Lewin had violated university policy by sexually harassing an online student in an online MITx course he taught in fall 2013.

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  1. rude man

    Insights A New Interpretation of Dr. Walter Lewin's Paradox - Comments

    Greg Bernhardt submitted a new PF Insights post A New Interpretation of Dr. Walter Lewin's Paradox Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  2. A

    Falling Ruler Problem | Solution from Video at 8:03 | Help Available

    Can anyone help me on this problem from this video starting from 8:03 , I've been working on it for a week ,and I couldn't find a solution.
  3. mabilde

    I Walter Lewin Demo/Paradox: Electromagnetic Induction Lecture 16

    Right answer for the Walter Lewin demo/paradox about electromagnetic induction in Lecture 16 ?
  4. benny91xp

    B Walter Lewin videos -- why ± 0.5 cm uncertainty why not ± 0.1?

    here is the link to walter lewin video lecture please jump to 13:13 8.01x - Lect 2 - 1D Kinematics - Speed, Velocity, Acceleration i thought that all meter ruler/ meter stick use ± 0.1 cm as uncertainty .how did he get ± 0.5 cm?
  5. V

    How can I gain sufficient privileges to reply on closed threads?

    Hello there! I am a newbie on the physics forums. I saw a thread which I wanted to answer because I had a better answer than the one given in that thread but the thread is closed and it is written there that 'you have insufficient privileges to reply here.' How do I get sufficient privileges...
  6. MidgetDwarf

    Classical Where can i find best quality Walter Lewin Lectures

    I was wondering where I can find the best quality lecture videos of Walter Lewis. Both mechanical and EM. Most of the videos I find are of low quality and it makes it hard to follow. Thanks.
  7. Curieuse

    How Can I Access Walter Lewin's Course Materials from Past Years on MIT OCW?

    Hey guys, following the brouhaha around mr.lewin's inappropriate conduct, mit ocw has removed all of lewin's course materials from its page. But the lectures are still available on YouTube, thankfully :bow: But the pdfs aren't! Please let me know if any of you have them downloaded from back...
  8. H

    Drift velocity: Why not 1/2 *t*(eE/m)

    Why is the drift velocity of an electron in a wire defined as: tau*(E*e/m) and not 1/2 *tau* (eE/m) as it is the AVERAGE VELOCITY!? because the above defintion of drift velocity is the velocity that is attained before the collision so rather the maximum velocity of the elctron, isn't it?
  9. Sakamo

    Walter Lewin (MIT Physics) resembles Viktor Frankl

    They're so alike. https://www.google.co.jp/search?q=Walter+Lewin&hl=en&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=LgnaVLjOGs_n8AXVnYLoBA&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAg&biw=1280&bih=508...
  10. J

    Why Did MIT Sever Ties with Professor Walter Lewin?

    MIT cuts ties with Walter Lewin after online harassment probe Institute revokes emeritus title, removes online courses of popular physics professor who starred in viral videos http://tech.mit.edu/V134/N60/walterlewin.html
  11. nsaspook

    Why Did MIT Sever Ties with Walter Lewin?

    http://tech.mit.edu/V134/N60/walterlewin.html Removing his physics lecture videos! Who thinks that punishing others with this is the right response?
  12. F

    How Does Walter Lewin Explain Ampere's Law in Electromagnetism?

    Homework Statement http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/8196/ampere.th.png Uploaded with ImageShack.usThe Attempt at a Solution I've watched Walter Lewin's vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxCZnb-EMtk&feature=relmfu like five times and he seemed pretty angry with the way books explain this...
  13. G

    Kelvin water dropper and Walter Lewin

    I recently came across MIT prof. Walter Lewin's fascinating demonstration of a Kelvin water dropper, which can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY1eyLEo8_A (EDIT: If your browser is like mine that didn't work, try this: ) As shown in the...