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0 then Y, else N ? (so cutting ?)

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    Does the following make any sense (after : "Is (physical) love worth something ?") :

    If you give in any way money to the other party directly, then we call it prostitution, because the money should be stored in a common way, and hence other systems are not indicating true love ?

    (How to control the other puts all his/her money in the common basket ?)

    What is then the difference and any meaning of any contract of that type between two people, outside changing the imposition regime ?
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    No, it doesn't make any sense. How do you jump from exchanging money in any way to prostitution? :confused: You need to work on explaining the steps of how you get from statement A to statement Z, because there seem to be far too many steps missing in your explanations for us to follow anything you ask here.
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    work (difficulty, time) -> money (amount, value)

    money (amount, value) -> presents (value) + security (amount)

    security (amount) -> biological happiness (less anxiety)
    presents (value) -> psychological happiness (feeling special)

    bio + psych happiness = happy woman

    happy woman = happy man - money (amount, value) + work(difficulty,time)

    there he finally done did it.
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