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2 questions (one ochem and one pchem)

  1. Jul 26, 2011 #1
    For organic chemistry, in an experiment,
    how does the epimerization (of H) of Potassium carbonate work?
    Does carbonate work as a base and deprotonate a hydrogen and then by refluxing it
    do you get an epimer?

    For the pchem part,
    If the 3.0g of gas occupies 11.2L at 0.0C and 0.25 atm, then what would be the molecular mass?

    Do you apply the infamous PV=nRT here? :{

    Thank you in advance!
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    What is the definition of an epimer?

    That's one way to start, yes...
  4. Jul 26, 2011 #3
    I guess epimer in this case is the hydrogen atom switching its place from coming out of the plane to directing towards the back of the plane.
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    Perhaps see http://www.chem.qmul.ac.uk/iupac/gtpoc/E.html#43 [Broken] , I am not sure what you mean by this...
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    Its probably safe to assume ideal behavior unless otherwise indicated.
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