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40 foot shipping containers, yield strength / buckling

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    Hi, I am currently needing to place (and weld to the ground) a shipping container on a low bridge that is perpendicular to the shore. I was wondering if anyone knows how much force the sides of the container can withstand before buckling and/or bending. In essence, we have to account for very strong ocean waves (maximum wave is a tsunami at 2000 kN/m) continuously hitting the side of the container.
    Thank you, all help is appreciated !
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Doesn't sound like a good idea. Shipping containers aren't made to be immersed in seawater...
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    Hello Ben :welcome:

    I read your post and was puzzled: ##\quad## Weld to the ground on a bridge ?

    Designed to withstand 200 kN/m ? ( or /m2 ? )
    would that be per m (or m2) of the side of the container ?​

    Can the bridge itself withstand that ?
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    This is something that requires a detailed professional structural engineering analysis to be done safely. We cannot provide that here. Thread closed.
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