What is Yield: Definition and 222 Discussions

In viticulture, the yield is a measure of the amount of grapes or wine that is produced per unit surface of vineyard, and is therefore a type of crop yield. Two different types of yield measures are commonly used, mass of grapes per vineyard surface, or volume of wine per vineyard surface.The yield is often seen as a quality factor, with lower yields associated with wines with more concentrated flavours, and the maximum allowed yield is therefore regulated for many wine appellations.

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  1. Ferdiss

    I Finding yield strength with a load/displacement curve

    Hi! I have done a simulation where I got out the load/displacement curve of a steel beam that is simply supported with an equally distributed load across the whole length (10 m). I want to field the point at which the steel yields. I am used to use the 0,2% value on a stress/strain curve, but...
  2. F

    I Having problems finding an equation for radioisotope production yield

    I am trying to get a plot, or a result for target like this: I've found some equations for my requested results, but they are from the same person's articles and I couldn't find another source. I've searched for EOB and TTY calculations but couldn't really do something. Could you give me an...
  3. T

    Small yield of tactical nuclear weapons

    Uranium fission bombs have explosive power ofabout 10 000 tons of TNT. I understand that you can't make a uranium bomb with explosive power of 5 megatons of TNT brcause of the critical mass of U-235. Similarly you can't make an atomic fission weapon with explosive power of 10 tons of TNT...
  4. Anmol Dubey

    Determining the Yield strength and Ultimate tensile strength of HDPE

    Help would very appreciated. Also I am new to this website so if something seems wrong please tell me :)
  5. S

    Question about elastic limit and yield point

    Point B is elastic limit and point C is yield point. From this link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yield_(engineering)#Definition The definition given is: Both seems to refer to same definition, it is the point where the elastic deformation ends and plastic deformation begins. But from...
  6. Auxirius

    I What would a hypothetical quark-quark collision yield?

    As seen in the summary, my question is purely hypothetical and I understand that it would most likely be impossible to happen (or I just haven't read enough). The concept that quarks and leptons are the fundamental particles of the universe has existed for a while now - therefore we know that...
  7. B

    Invariants of the stress tensor (von Mises yield criterion)

    Hello all, I am trying to understand the von Mises yield criterion and stumbled across two equations for the second stress invariant. Although the only difference is a difference in signs (negative and positive), it has been bothering me. Attached are the two versions. Which one is correct and...
  8. I

    Is percent yield based on grams or moles?

    Is percent yield based on grams or moles? Thanks.
  9. richengle

    What is the minimum gyroscope speed to yield force precession?

    Does anyone know what the minimum speed of a gyro to make it so a force at 0deg will yield a movement at 90deg... or even better, what the angle is wrt speed... see http://www.copters.com/aero/gyro.html for pictures. -thx, rich
  10. Kiah Palmer

    Chemistry Calculate the theoretical yield percentage for this reaction

    Conversion: 1.0 t = 1.0x10^6 g impure Si Conversion: 2.33 t = 2.33x10^6 g SiCl4 Atomic Mass Si = 28.085 g/mol Atomic Mass Cl2 = (2 x 35.453) = 70.906 g/mol Mass SiCl4 = 28.085 + (4x35.453) = 169.897 g/molI got all this part down, however, I'm not quite sure where I am supposed to go from there...
  11. J

    Percentage yield in a reaction problem

    Summary:: We are given a description of a reaction and the masses of two reactants and are initially asked to calculate which of two is the excess reagent and how much of the excess reagent would be left over if we have 100% completion. Then we are given a final mass (after purification) of the...
  12. Rifat amin

    Software for nuclear cross-section measurement and Irradiation yield

    I work in research paper on medical isotope production. I need a software where i can measure the cross section and Irradiation Yield like TALYS and EMPIRE. If you ask me why i don't use TALYS then the reply is I can't install it on my PC. so i am looking for alternate software where i can do...
  13. F

    B Why does a U-238 tamper increase nuclear yield of nuclear bomb?

    Why does U-238 tamper increase nuclear yield of nuclear bomb? I mean it is not fissile.
  14. RJCanz

    Calculating Capacity of Steel Rack: Yield Stress Issues

    Hi guys. Recently I've been assigned to know / calculate the capacity of the racks in our section. Our racks has layered steel pipes that are carrying the loads. After actual testing it can carry a load around 25 tons after yielding or having a bend. So my next step was to calculate for its...
  15. D

    Chemistry Adjust the volume to maximize the product yield

    The answer given for (2) is " lower pressure" , isn't increase pressure, the reaction will proceed towards fewer moles of gas, therefore increase the product yield for this question.
  16. Adrian Tudini

    Actual yield determination by experiment

    Hi just one question. Can someone point to me some resources on how to calculate the actual yield under experimental conditions? thanks.Adrian
  17. Adrian Tudini

    Actual yield of a chemical reaction

    As in the summary, my question is : has the actual yield of the above reaction being determined experimentally?Thanks.Adrian Tudini
  18. S

    A Does Bohmian Mechanics yield the existence of a multiverse?

    David Deutsch, a theoretical physicist, talks about David Bohm in his book "the Fabric of Reality": "[w]orking out what Bohm’s invisible wave will do requires the same computations as working out what trillions of shadow photons will do. Some parts of the wave describe us, the observers...
  19. kardai

    Work related problem: Yield strength as well as max load

    Summary: Yield Strength value as well as maximum load capacity. Need equations and possibly a break down on how to solve the issue. So let's say I have a Wooden Street pole and I want to mount a steel bracket using metal bands to the street pole. The bracket will be mounted to the beam using 4...
  20. T

    How to calculate flexural yield strength?

    I'm trying to learn some new engineering, so if something I ask doesn't make sense -- remember I'm new to this. I need to calculate how much force a part can take before breaking. Material: resin (Flexural Yield Strength: 6752 psi) - (Tensile Strength: 3390 psi) - (Density [lbs/gal]: 9.64) -...
  21. A

    Misc. What is the Net Energy Yield for Wood Syngas?

    Hello, My name is Adam and I am experimenting with wood gas. I recently came across a really cheap wood chip source and would like to compare it against electrical utility prices. I am curious if running an old generator would be cheaper than off peak rates of $0.065/kwh. As of right now, I...
  22. D

    Tensile yield strength of fiber reinforced plastic

    Hello! I am in a student-run engineering team that heavily utilizes fiber reinforced plastics, and I am just trying to get a better understanding of FRPs. I am wondering how exactly the fiber reinforces the plastic. Let's say the yield strength of the fiber in the 0 degree tensile direction is...
  23. T

    Difference between Elastic Limit & Yield Point

    Hi All I am trying to understand a stress / strain curve for a ductile material. But I am struggling with understanding the difference between the Elastic Limit and the Yield Point. I define these terms as:- Elastic Limit - Is the point on the stress/strain curve where the material will...
  24. T

    Understanding Yield Strength & Stress Strain Curve

    Hi all I was hoping someone could shed some light on the following:- I am trying to understand what Yield strength is and understand the exact limit of where elastic and plastic deformation occurs on a stress strain curve. Correct me if I am wrong but I define:- Yield strength as the amount...
  25. U

    What is the meaning of the bond's yield to maturity?

    Consider a five-year, 1000 dollars bond with a 5% coupon rate and annual coupons. If this bond is currently trading for a price of 957.35 dollars, what is the bond's yield to maturity? F = 1000 dollars c = 0.05 P = 957.35 dollars N = 5 years y = ? I used the formula presented here for the...
  26. blainiac

    Wood/Glass/Metal DIY Paper Yield & Tensile Strengths

    Hey there! I'm about to do some tests with rotating boundary layers and wanted to use rotating sheets of paper (cut into circles) as this would be ideal for my experiments. I was researching various materials but couldn't find yield and tensile strengths for different types of paper (printer...
  27. JAG-E

    Steel hardness vs yield or ultimate strength?

    I have found sources that state hardness can't be correlated to yield strength, but only to ultimate strength. Other sources state the opposite. Yet other sources claim you can do both with different equations. Can someone direct me to a source that addresses my question, or addresses the...
  28. Physics345

    Increasing Yield of a System with Le Chatelier's Principle

    Homework Statement I am given 2NH3(g) + 2.5O2(g) ⇌ 2NO(g) + 3H2O(g)+heat. By using Le Chatelier's principle, describe and explain four ways in which an industrial chemist could increase the yield of nitrous oxide. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution For 2NH3(g) + 2.5O2(g) ⇌ 2NO(g)...
  29. A

    What is the difference between the yield point and the elastic limit?

    I don't understand the difference between the elastic limit and the yield point. I understand that if you stretch a material within the elastic limit, then the material should return to its normal shape. However, the yield point is described as the point at which a permanent increase in length...
  30. alphaj

    Percent yield crazy--help with calculations?

    Homework Statement Consider: 2 mol Reactant A (aq) + 3 mol Reactant B (aq) = 6 mol Product A (aq) + 1 mol Product B (s) You have 0.00075 L of a 0.0514M solution of Reactant A. In the lab, you combine it with 0.042 L of 0.0753M of Reactant B. You get a solid product and an aqueous product (a...
  31. A

    A H-BOMB ''castle bravo'' -- Why was the yield so high?

    in the design of the hydrogen bomb ''castle bravo'' they usd lithium deuteride for the secondary part of the bomb. the yeld of the bomb was supposed to be 5 Mega Tons but it was 15 i have 2 questions 1) why they usd LiD as a fussin full instead of normal deuterium 2) why did the lithium acted...
  32. T

    Variable Yield Thermonuclear Bomb Dialing

    Ok so this week I was studying aerodynamic differences between a "Fat Man" bomb which was dropped on Nagasaki and the Aim 120c Air to Air Missile. What intrigued me with nuclear weapons was the "Variable Yield", SO I did some research to see how it works . I couldn't mind much on how to adjust a...
  33. T

    Understanding the force on an item placed on a spring

    I hope you enjoy the image I made to facilitate my query. I wanted to add Thor as my force input but don't want any copyright infringement.. If I have a compression spring with a spring rate of K, on a fixed surface with an apple on top and a hammer... If hammer applies force N, what does the...
  34. B

    40 foot shipping containers, yield strength / buckling

    Hi, I am currently needing to place (and weld to the ground) a shipping container on a low bridge that is perpendicular to the shore. I was wondering if anyone knows how much force the sides of the container can withstand before buckling and/or bending. In essence, we have to account for very...
  35. J

    Can Tresca's Law Be Proven Using Yield Application in Blacksmith Forging?

    How do i find out yield application of hammer hitting a specimen (just like blacksmith did? Since tresca law stated yieldmaterial<yield application to make deformation of specimen, yield of material for example 100MPa (high tempt yield) but yield application=F/A (assume force given is 600Newton...
  36. B

    Does strain rate ever decrease yield stress?

    I've been digging through literature the last few days, and I'm starting to wonder if increasing strain rate EVER decreases yield stress? I found anomalies which increase it with increasing temperature. But I cant' find the reverse, so I was wondering if it was possible?
  37. M

    Who Would Benefit from a Comprehensive Database of Cumulative Fission Yields?

    I couldn’t find a table of cumulative fission yields on the web, so I made one in a database simulation. Who might be interested? The full table covers the evolution of 1322 isotopes over 34 years. The results are in the form of 31 “snapshots” of the isotopic composition as the reactor ages...
  38. Ryaners

    Chemistry Calculating the number of water molecules in trans. metal complex

    Homework Statement [/B] I had an inorganic lab this week which involved making VO(acac)2 from VOSO4⋅xH2O. In order to calculate the percentage yield, I need to work out x, that is, the number of water molecules coordinated with the vanadyl sulfate n-hydrate before the reaction. I'm stuck...
  39. Al_Pa_Cone

    Determining yield stress via a bar subjected to tensile force

    Homework Statement Homework Equations All Equations Below The Attempt at a Solution [/B]
  40. Peter Hessellund

    How do I calculate the yield pressure for a Bingham plastic in a tube?

    I have three questions. 1. How do I calculate the yield pressure for a Bingham plastic in a tube if I am given: Length of tube Diameter of tube Yield stress of liquid 2. Is it possible to engineer a liquid to have a specific yield stress ? 3. What kind of material would be suited for...
  41. Jens Wensing

    Another one about Yield Stress....

    Hi Forum, I´m happy I found this forum... I hope someone can answer my (simple) question: According to this thread https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/calculating-0-2-proof-stress-of-aluminium.206648/ on page 2 the stress/strain diagram is not the same as force/elongation. Due to the constant...
  42. S

    Desai Yield Surface, Parameters

    Hey guys, Desai Yield Surface: I have a hard time understanding the parameters of the model for soils. If I have three principle stresses, σ1, σ2, σ3. And R is defined as the Tri-axial strength in tension, how would I define R. Lastly can I just say that I1 = σ1+σ2+σ3 J2= 1/6 * ((σ1-σ2)2...
  43. F

    Yield stress vs critical load stress

    Homework Statement In Euler's theory , it's stated that the critical stress of beam is always larger than the yield stress of beam ...I don't really undertstand the differnce between them . Critical stress is defined as the stress that the mximum stress applied before the beam starts to...
  44. A

    Difference between 'plastic yielding' & plastic strength?

    I am going through a literature where the terms like ( 'plastic yielding' , 'plastic yield strength', plastic strength' and 'plastic stress') are regularly used and I am confused. Are they different and if yes then how each term differs from the other? I also want to know relation of plastic...
  45. F

    Yield Point: Why Can Material Elongate without Force?

    Homework Statement I was told that yield point is a point which the material which will have an appreciable elongation of yielding without any increase in load . my question is If there's no increase load , how can the material elongate ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution IMO ...
  46. Ravi Singh choudhary

    Reliability of Upper/lower yield point in tensile test.

    Some metal give two yield point in stress strain diagram. One is called Upper yield point and Lower yield point. Why lower yield point is considered as more reliable. I can think of Upper yield point is much more dependent upon experimental apparatus settings. So why lower yield point is much...
  47. Nemo1

    MHB Solving Max Distance Between Supports for 2m Beam w/ Yield & Tensile Strengths

    Hi Community, I have this question which I have been able to partially answer. Part 1: From samples, we measured the Flexure Modulus of a material and was asked to solve for the deflection of the material at a $1m$ span and $1kg$ which I used Maximum Deflection = \frac{wl^{3}}{48EI} $W$ $=$...
  48. S

    Engineering Stress increases after yield stress?

    I need to know why the Engineering stress increases after reaching the yield stress point, and continues to increase until reaching the UTS. Am I correct when I remember that there is strain hardening that occurs along the region from Yield stress to the Ultimate tensile stress? Engineering...
  49. Y

    Use Raman microscope to measure quantum yield

    We have a Renishaw inVia confocal Raman microscope. Currently I am using it to study photoluminescence. I have a very thin film with certain thickness (e.g. 60nm and 120nm). It turns out that they (60nm and 120nm) have different emission spectra. Here comes the question: Can I divide the...
  50. R

    How can a volume integral yield a vector field?

    I'm using the textbook Electricity and Magnetism by Purcell. In the section about continuous charge distributions I found the following formula \mathbf{E}(x,y,z)= \frac{1}{4\pi\epsilon_0 } \int \frac{\rho(x',y',z')\boldsymbol{\hat r} dx'dy'dz'}{r^{2}} . It's stated that (x,y,z) is fixed...