What is Strength: Definition and 1000 Discussions

Compressive strength or compression strength is the capacity of a material or structure to withstand loads tending to reduce size, as opposed to Tensile strength which withstands loads tending to elongate. In other words, compressive strength resists being pushed together, whereas tensile strength resists tension (being pulled apart). In the study of strength of materials, tensile strength, compressive strength, and shear strength can be analyzed independently.
Some materials fracture at their compressive strength limit; others deform irreversibly, so a given amount of deformation may be considered as the limit for compressive load. Compressive strength is a key value for design of structures.
Compressive strength is often measured on a universal testing machine. Measurements of compressive strength are affected by the specific test method and conditions of measurement. Compressive strengths are usually reported in relationship to a specific technical standard.

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  1. elisua

    Screws versus pins

    What is stronger and better for continuous movement? Screws or pins for a mechanical component made of titanium Ti-6Al-4V
  2. Ferdiss

    I Finding yield strength with a load/displacement curve

    Hi! I have done a simulation where I got out the load/displacement curve of a steel beam that is simply supported with an equally distributed load across the whole length (10 m). I want to field the point at which the steel yields. I am used to use the 0,2% value on a stress/strain curve, but...
  3. ks81

    Electric field strength and direction problem (need help)

    E1= 9.0 x 10^9 * 10 x 10^-9 / (0.045)^2 = 45000. x cos(153.43)= E2= 9.0 x 10^9 * 10 x 10^-9 / (0.02)^2= 22500 x cos(180)= E3= 9.0 x 10^9 * 5.0 x 10^-9 / (0.04)^2= 28125 x cos(90)= ? Enet= ?
  4. N

    Fender Washer Strength: Determining Adequate Load Capacity for Wire Rope Tension

    Please see the included sketch. I need to know if the fender washer I'm planning to use will be strong enough to not deform and thus reduce the tension on the wire rope. TIA, Dave
  5. Username34

    Why is it advantegous for a human to have a big back in order to deliver mechanical power?

    It is said that individuals with large back/spinal structure have a distinct advantage at delivering power, all else equal. My question is why in concrete terms this is advantegous if the weight and speed of another individuals is similiar? Has a person with larger back stronger support to...
  6. I

    I Exploring Field Strength & Singularities

    Why doesn't this work if the field is strong? Or does it work as long as there are no singularities? Mentor's Note: Original thread title was, "Calculating rest mass by integrating T_{00} over a 3 volume for static metric"
  7. pedalquickly

    Crush Strength Of Donut Shaped 1.5 x 1.5 Square Tubing

    Hi All, I am working on a project where I am using a donut shaped 1.5 x 1.5 square tubing. It is mild steel and I am assuming it has a 16 gauge wall thickness. I bought this already fabricated and don't know for sure (its possible its 14 gauge). The outside dimension of the donut is 89.5". I am...
  8. L

    Bursting strength and compressive strength of cardboard tubes

    Ok, i have been searching the google for about an hour and have come up dry. I am trying to either test at home or find some actual numbers for how much inner pressure a thin walled (3mm) cardboard tube take before it bursts? IE like filling it with water and then it pops. Second, im looking...
  9. N

    Engineering Split Tensile Strength Explained: Benefits for Concrete

    I know tensile test consist for direct tension, splitting tension, and flexural tension. Tensile test known as to know how the material behaves under the tension and to know how much of load the material can bear it before fracture. But for the splitting tensile test, i still confused. Why do we...
  10. A

    Acrylic (PMMA) rotating disc tensile strength calculation

    Hey folks, I've been looking around but can't piece this together as there are more than one equation and variable to take into account. My situation - I have a pmma material disc on an axis , the center hole (axis hole) is 20mm wide so a radius of 10mm, while the outer edge is at a radius of...
  11. M

    A Maxwell theory invariant under dual field strength tensor application

    Hello everybody! I know in classical field theory adding in the Lagrangian density a term of the form Fαβ (*F)αβ (where by * we denote the dual of the field strength tensor) does not change the EOM, since this corresponds to adding a total derivative term to the action. However when computing...
  12. J

    Why does C-C have a higher bond energy than B-N in hBN and graphene?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post in the chemistry section. I am doing a project for my engineering class on "cutting edge" materials and the one I chose is hexagonal boron nitride (specifically in the form of nanotubes). In comparing hBN to graphene, I need to explain to the class why graphene...
  13. Barbequeman

    Calculating Velocity & Field Strength of Gas: Help Needed!

    For the first calculation of the velocity of the gas I use the first equation and this converted in meter would be look like this (first value as an example) v=299792458 m/s * (6.76813x10^-7-6.768x10^-7)/6.768x10^-7 =5836.03m/s or 0.0019c this was the velocity of the gas for the first spectral...
  14. A

    I Required Strength of a Strap connecting 2 Rolls

    Hello, I am trying to figure the strength (in lbs) of a strap needed to attach 2 Rolls together without breaking. Each wheel has a weight of 1000lbs and a diameter of 30in. If there is required information missing, let me know.
  15. X

    I Magnetic field strength of a stack of magnets

    I know that for a single cylindrical neodymium magnet, the formula $$ \displaystyle{\displaylines{B(z)=\frac{μ_0M}{2}(\frac{z}{\sqrt{z^{2}+R^{2}}}-\frac{z-L}{\sqrt{(z-L)^{2}-R^{2}}})}} $$ shows the relationship between the magnetic field strength and the distance between the magnet. I was...
  16. Tesla In Person

    Electric field strength at a point due to 3 charges

    I got E. 13q as the answer. That is what i did: The electric field due to +q at origin 0 should equal the electric fields of charges -3q and the new charge placed at 2x. So applying the equation above like this; k*(q) / (2^2) = -3q*k + (k*C)/ 4 solving for C the new charge added, gives 13q. I...
  17. K

    I Postulating a minimum gravitational field strength

    this paper postulating a minimum gravitational field strength postulating a minimum gravitational field strength (minimum curvature) and a minimum acceleration but otherwise leaving Gr could reproduce MOND [Submitted on 25 May 2022] MONG: An extension to galaxy...
  18. P

    I Relative Strength of the Magnus effect relative to gravity

    I have made a simulation of a table tennis ball being hit and landing on the table. There are 5 differential equations that are integrated to compute the horizontal position, horizontal velocity, vertical position, vertical speed and spin. by integrating 5 differential equations simultaneously...
  19. Anmol Dubey

    Determining the Yield strength and Ultimate tensile strength of HDPE

    Help would very appreciated. Also I am new to this website so if something seems wrong please tell me :)
  20. A

    I Exploring the Relationship Between Spectral Line Strength & Gravity

    I wonder if someone please could explain what the relationship between a spectral line strength and gravity is? Does the equivalent width of e.g. Ca II decrease with increasing gravity? what kind of processes affects the strength of a line if we change the gravity of a star? Hope you can help me
  21. R

    I Relation between electric & magnetic fields in terms of field strength

    Hi. A electromagnetic wave consists of an electric and a magnetic component. I believe that the electric field strength is measured in volts per meter. The magnetic field I think is measured in Tesla. Let's imagine that I measure the electic field strength of two different radio stations and...
  22. B

    I Estimation of E-field strength at a distance from dipole antenna

    Hello everyone, I was asking myself about electric field strength estimation at a distance d from - in my case - a half wave dipole antenna. There are pretty much a lot of information about this on internet or in books but still, there are a few things that are confusing to me that I would...
  23. Cerenkov

    B Does dark energy's effect or strength vary over time?

    Hello. It's my current understanding that dark energy is causing the universe's expansion to accelerate. It's also my current understanding that there is some mechanism that caused dark energy's effects to become more pronounced, several billion years ago. Which makes me wonder if the value...
  24. A

    WiFi signal strength in Tunnels & Subways.

    As we see the WiFi signal strength is very low as observed in Tunnels, Subways & Undergrounds while we travel in a train or walk. We do not get the wireless network. Can there be any technical solutions for increasing the Wireless signal strength in these areas? Can this be considered a...
  25. P

    I What's the field strength and pattern rules for bar magnets attached?

    The attached probem tricked me because the answer is apparently D and not A. Presumably because the magnetic field is weaker with 2 bar magnets joined N/S compared to a single bar magnet. So this seems to be a gap in my knowledge as to the resulting strengths of magnets joined together. Are...
  26. Sagittarius A-Star

    COVID Electric field of moderate strength inactivates Covid-19 virus

    A science team from the university of Kassel (Germany) proved with a physical model, that a moderate electric field inactivates the Convid-19 virus. Source: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-021-25478-7 via...
  27. FEAnalyst

    Calculating Chain Link Strength: Which Method Should You Use?

    Hi, I am interested in the topic of hand calculations of chain link's strength. I am talking about a regular industrial chain with hanging weight. From what I've read, there are 3 potentially possible approaches: - Lame's problem (circular cross-section has to be replaced with equivalent...
  28. wnvl2

    I Rindler Transformation & 't Hooft's Introduction to General Relativity

    I am reading 't Hooft introduction to general relativity. https://webspace.science.uu.nl/~hooft10 ... l_2010.pdf In this text 't Hoof derives the Rindler transformation. A little bit further he writes My question is, how does he come to that formula $$\rho^{-2}g(\zeta)$$
  29. R

    B Coupling Magnetic Fields: Does Orientation Change Strength?

    Magnetic fields coupling question. I had to make a small tool holder for my drill press, it hangs on side of press using N52 cylinder magnets. The holder is 4" long x 3/4 x 3/4" AL bar. With a spacing of 3", two 1/2" holes are bored to accept the 1/2 x 1/2 N52's, which will be epoxied in. I...
  30. T

    Understanding Acceleration and Center of Mass in Shock Absorption

    I don't attempt solving a problem until I fully understand it, conceptually. After the hit (when maximum velocity is reached) the person starts losing momentum, having a constant upwards acceleration. The forces acting on the person are gravity and the normal to the ground. $$N - mg = ma$$...
  31. Einstein44

    I Calculating Magnetic field strength of a magnet

    I have been trying to calculate the magnetic flux thought a single loop of wire occurring from a magnet (meaning it has a nonuniform field), so I have the following equation: Φ=∮BdAcosθ Now my problem is that I do not know how to calculate the magnetic field strength (B)of that magnet (which...
  32. jjirving

    I Grip Strength: Comparing Pressure Needed to Hold 20kg Weight Plate

    I am interested to compare two scenarios relating to grip strength and how much horizontal pressure will be required to hold the weight. Scenario 1: You have a 20kg weight plate in one piece. You hold the plate between your fingers. Scenario 2: You are holding a small 2X4 block of wood with a...
  33. VictorMedvil

    A What Superconductor Can Have The Highest Magnetic Field Strength?

    Hello, I asked a question about superconductors in 2020 and I was now wondering what superconducting chemical/material can have the highest magnetic field strength before the superconductivity is destroyed by it? Secondly, What the is maximum magnetic field strength of said material in Tesla per...
  34. M

    Determine the strength of a Bolt-Nut combination

    Hello! From below sketch, I determined the following assumptions: - Bolt/Nut: M12, Steel 10.9 - The nut is fixed How can I calculate the ultimate force before the bolt will damage the nut? I can imagine the flanges of the threads will break. In documentation I have read about tension surface...
  35. C

    Strength of typical baby crib railing

    A typical baby crib look like. For the above, the width is 30 inches. The length of the railing is 52 inches. The railings were only connected top and bottom at the sides with a a single Allen screw and round nut (inside the New Zealand Pine Wood). (Taken out temporarily to photograph it)...
  36. M

    How human strength can increase without increased muscle size?

    I know this is a hypothetical question, but we can still have a general idea for how we could do it in the future. I wonder how theoretically with good enough technology a human can achieve a super-human strength(or close to it) without large muscles or non-biological components attached to...
  37. S

    How does the strength of an electric field relate to its direction?

    I understand that negative charges create electric fields pointing inwards, and positive charges create electric fields pointing outwards, but what does this have to do with field stength? What is the relationship between field strength (flux?) and direction?
  38. E

    Find the gravitational field strength of planet X

    weight/mass = gravitational field strength. my working is -> weight = 150kgx10m/s² = 1500N mass = 150kg gravitational field strength= 10N/kg. is this correct?
  39. J

    How to find an expected value for magnetic field strength?

    Our class modified an experiment to measure the magnetic field strength in mT between 5cm and 30cm, and I have plotted data and found that the relationship resembles a power relationship (using a log vs log graph). In order to find the percentage uncertainty for the whole experiment I need the...
  40. L

    I'm trying to understand compressive strength and Euler stress for columns

    A cloumn has a compressive strength of 220MPa, but its Euler yeild stress is 350MPa. its compressive strength is less than its euler stress. what does this mean?
  41. Sophrosyne

    Medical Tensile strength of cell membranes

    The structure of the cell membrane is depicted as being formed from a bilayer of phospholipids with their hydrophilic portions pointing outwards and their hydrophilic portions facing each other. But as I look at the histology of the epithelial layer of the epidermis or mucous membranes, I am...
  42. W

    My Family, My Strength: Overcoming Challenges Together

    Life is full of challenges, 1 mistake and it will create a bunch of mess. That's why we need to be careful in everything we do. My family is the core of my strength and inspiration. They always there when I need them the most. In my career, they support me with everything they got, always...
  43. Rafael Aiguzhinov

    Archimedes Strength: What Determines Strength?

    What determines the strength of Archimedes ?
  44. C

    Which of these magnets should have the strongest strength at 10cm?

    Basically, I need to generate the strongest possible field at 10 cm from a circular magnet, in its central axis. I hesitate about what buying. For example, the following magnet has a large diameter of 90mm and is flat, with a suction of 250 kg. This other magnet has a smaller diameter of...
  45. CallMeDirac

    B Exploring the Fabric of Our Universe: The Strength of Quantum Strings

    Do quantum strings have a specific strength, as in how much does it take to break the fabric of our universe if even possible? What would happen if it is broken or has happened?
  46. Y

    How does the saturation flux density affect magnetic field strength?

    So I'm confused what the Saturation Flux Density is referring to. Defintion says it is when you no longer get an increase in H-field when increasing external B-field. So, does the satuation flux mean the core can only create fields UP TO that saturation flux, or that it can make a stronger...
  47. P

    Engineering Magnetic field strength of an electromagnet (coil wound around a bobbin)

    I am trying to design an electromagnet which consists of a copper PVC sheathed wire wound around a cylindrical plastic spool of Circumference (C) = pi x diameter. The spool has a hollow body of diameter D1. This wire has maximum length (L), cross sectional area A, resistivity P. The spool once...