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A book about basic water machines/properties/flow ?

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    A book about basic water machines/properties/flow ???

    Hi I'm interested in how different very basic water concepts/properties work such as a waterpump, pressure, hydroponic systems for plants etc. ( i need some intuition) and I'm therefore looking for a book that teaches basic properties of fluid, pressure in a easy to understand (not any heavy equations and fluid mechanics for ingeneers) and way with pictures perhaps practical demonstrations.

    I'm interested in exploring some of the properties of water, so i can use it in biology to biold small basic systems such as a water pump. I've found one book so far that might be what i'm looking for but i'm not sure if it has good pictures and explanations . https://www.amazon.com/H2oh-Classro...=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1372540283&sr=1-1

    Any suggestion?
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    Do you have your heart set on learning the basics, or would you like a book that addresses hydroponic systems specifically?
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    Actually I think I'd like both, I just know I learn best if i can mix theory with practical applications/experiments or at least drawings/diagrams.

    I've learned the basic high school stuff about electric circuts, chemistry, physics, but I have no practical intuition. I'd like to know the basics of how to make a battery, how to to apply the saltbridge , and i'd like to understand water pressure and propperties and nutritional needs for plants through building a hydrophobic system. I'd also like to build a waterpump. I want to do some of these projects and i need some books that can help me and with a really solid explanation/theory.
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    Where I live there are many shops specializing in hydroponic gardening. If there are such shops near you, it's worth giving them a call.

    Are you near an agricultural school? Many agricultural extensions offer classes - also worth checking out, as they would be a good source of information without a profit motive.
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    Unfortunately Hydroponic gardening is not that hot in Denmark yet so there are very few places that sell their system. As edited in my previous post (#3) i'd really like to get some experience and play around with it myself. I'd love to have a sound DIY book, especially one mixed with a good amount of scientific explanations.
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