1. Yadvendra

    Engineering Book suggestions (Civil engineer needing to study graduate level physics for an exam)

    Summary:: Need book suggestion for following syllabus. (Globally available hardcopy is preferred) I'm a civil engineer and need to study graduate level physics for an exam. I need suggestion for a book consisting basic to moderate depth of the topics below. I've comfortable with both, algebra...
  2. KingOfDirewolves

    Intro Physics Fluid Mechanics Textbooks

    Can anyone suggest me a Fluid Mechanics textbook? I am currently in High School in my Junior Year. I am looking for a entry-level textbook so I will be able to solve I.E. Irodov's Hydrodynamics section. (My Mathematics is quite strong)
  3. afternoone

    Electronics DIY a wireless charger into a book

    Check my art DIY a wireless charger into a book how it looks like after finish here is the video: DIY a wireless charger into a book the brand is Soopus-X if you ask
  4. C

    Good book for GR and QM?

    hi! Do you know about a good book that introduces relativistic quantum mechanics with one-forms (diferential forms) like the book a first course of general relativity of Schutz does?
  5. L

    QFT books to continue after Schwartz

    I have taken one first QFT course last year which used Matthew Schwartz "Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model" book. The course went all the way to renormalization of QED, although path integrals weren't discussed. Now I want to continue learning QFT and also I want to make a second...
  6. S

    French student look after pre-calculus books

    Hi there , well my questions is in the title but i have to say some things : I have multiples mathematiques and physics courses calc-based and so i want to review the basic . I already search around this forum and others and i find some books who looks popular here there are : - Pre-Calculus...
  7. C

    Quantum Intermediate-level QM book aimed on foundational issues

    Hey there! While considering going into foundational issues in QM (reading abou entanglement and Bell's theorems now), I realised I may need a better grasp of QM. I have studied both Griffiths' and Cohen-Tannoudji's (both volumes, excluding the appendices) books. I am not very confident in my...
  8. José Ricardo

    Calculus Best books to study Calculus

    What are the best book to study Calculus? And there is a academic book with History of Calculus? I would like recommendations. I appreciate all.
  9. L

    Studying How to self-study advanced books like Weinberg's QFT?

    Although the question came to my mind while studying Weinberg's QFT books, the doubt is much more general than that, and is not a doubt about physics, but rather about how to actually study and learn the topic alone from the book. From one point I agree that coming up with this doubt nearly...
  10. U

    Geometry Differential Geometry Book

    Hello, does anyone know an (more or less) easy differential geometry book for courses in generall relativity and quantum field theory? I'm looking for a book without proofs that focus on how to do calculations and also gives some geometrical intuition. I already looked at The Geometry of...
  11. J

    Classical Textbooks to qualify for USAPhO?

    What textbook should I get for preparation for f=ma granted I literally know nothing in physics as of now? I've heard David Morin's "Introduction to Classical Mechanics" is nice as well as "Fundamentals of Physics" by Resnick, Halladay, and Walker. Is there a textbook which I can use for both...
  12. V

    How to make chemistry my forte

    Hi everyone, I am a 10th grade student studying in India( would be in 11th in 2 months) I am not very good at chemistry. I have difficulty understanding the concepts. Although I don't have any doubts, I just don't feel confident. Also, my teacher is not very good. Whenever I would ask him...
  13. pat65

    Relativity Gravity in a Nutshell is too chatty, would like something else

    Hello All, I recently purchased a book on relativity called "Gravity in a Nutshell" by Zee. While it is interesting I find his conversational style to be too chatty. I prefer a little more of a "get to the point" conversational style. I'm going to be modeling the evolution of the...
  14. J

    Applied Numerical Analysis book question

    So in my future numerical analysis class the recommended book i liked the most was Numerical mathematics by Quarteroni : Since i like this...
  15. A

    Other Books by Physics Forums Members

    Hi everyone! First of all I want to congratulate @Orodruin for his book publication! I myself thought that maybe someday, I would like to write a book. So I became a little bit curious about other titles that may have been written by Physicsforum members. I hear Benjamin Crowell is also a member...
  16. scottdave

    Other Correction to a book (magnetic compass)

    This article (in the picture) states that the end of a compass needle which points toward North is its south pole since the Earth's "magnet" has a North magnet at the North. But in reality, there is a south magnet pole (not sure about that terminology) near Earth's North Pole, attracting all...
  17. UsableThought

    Has anyone read "Willful Ignorance" by Herbert Weisberg?

    (To any passing moderator: Feel free to move this to "statistics" forum if you feel that would be more appropriate.) Although my "to read" list is already too long, I have lately been getting increasingly interested in learning the basics of conditional probability, including Bayesian analysis...
  18. Andy_K

    Cosmology Review of Hidden In Plain Sight Series

    Has anyone read the 7-book series [Broken] by Andrew Thomas? Just wondering what you think of his conjectures / speculations at the final sections of each book, i.e. on the link between relativity and quantum mechanics, equation of the universe, etc... I like that he...
  19. Avatrin

    C/++/# Learning C/C++ through exercises

    I often find it quite frustrating to learn a programming language through a book; I always find myself skipping through huge parts of the book I have to read before moving onto the exercises. That was the main reason I did not ace my Python exam at university; I was told to use syntax I hadn't...
  20. B

    Algebra Supplementary Problems for Zariski/Samuel's Commutative Alg.

    Dear teachers, I am curious if you know some good books that have problems well supplemented to "Commutative Algebra I-II" by Zariski/Samuel. I am really enjoying it, but it does not have any exercise, leaving me to try coming up with my own problems (it is fun to do, but I would like to solve...
  21. B

    Algebra Tips for reading Grothendieck's EGA/SGA/FGA trilogy

    Dear Physics Forum advisers, I am very interested in studying the art of algebraic geometry, motivated by its applications in the machine learning and data analytics. I recently came across Grothendieck's EGA/SGA/FGA saga, and I am really interested in reading it as I like how it presents the...
  22. doktorwho

    Best Book to learn C

    Hear me out on this. I am an absolute beginner to C, i know some Python and i just finihed a month course on Pascal (school currciulum) and we're starting C by the end of February. Even though im a beginner im a fast learner and i want a book that is escalating moderatly or even fast. Also what...
  23. Z

    What is the best textbook for learning C++?

    I've taken a class in C++ and we used Bjarne Stroustrup's Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++. We only got to the point to where we were just starting to learn about pointers, so I still consider myself a beginner. C++ is my first programming language. I really like how Bjarne...
  24. doktorwho

    Best app for writing LaTeX

    hi, do you happen to know any app for iOS that can create pdf-s by writing LaTeX. I know of Texpad and Texwriter but dont know if they can create pdf-s from the code you write. Any help?
  25. Cool4Kat

    Book about the History of Electricity

    Hi there, My name is Kathy and I am writing a book about the history of electrical discoveries. I am writing the book for adults who have limited (or no) science backgrounds with a lot of personal details (like Bose who liked to give electric kisses to attractive women, or Alexander Bell's...
  26. C

    B What books do guys use?

    What's some name of the books you guys have? Thank you in advance!
  27. mr.tea

    Prob/Stats Probability with measure theory

    Hi, I am looking for a book for studying probability theory using measure theory. This is the first course I am taking of probability. Notions and theorems from measure theory are part of this course. As it turns out, this is a catastrophic disaster, and the textbook for this course is also not...
  28. B

    Geometry Regarding to Spivak's Differential Geometry trilogy

    I would like to begin my first exploration of the arts of differential geometry/topology with the first volume of M. Spivak's five-volume set in the different geometry. Is a thorough understanding of vector calculus must before reading his book? I read neither of his Calculus nor Calculus on...
  29. J

    B Title of A Book About Relativity and Other Physics Concepts

    Hi Everyone! I used to have a book that explained physics concepts quite simply. I used to read it when I was about 8 or 9 years old and one chapter really stuck with me (I'm 25 now). I'm not sure where the book went, and have been looking for it for some time and think this might be the best...
  30. SrVishi

    Algebra Categories for the Working Mathematician

    Hello. I am about to start learning category theory. I keep hearing mixed opinions on the book Categories for the Working Mathematician, by Sanders MacLane (I am aware he is one of the founders of the theory). Some say it's a "must read", and others have called it "outdated." What would seem...