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A car moves with constant velocity

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    Question: Which of the following statements could be true?

    a) A car moves with a constant speed around a circular track.

    b)A car moves with a constant velocity around a circular track.

    This is question #2 from the kinmatics quiz link on this forum.

    It marked me wrong for choosing A.

    But since speed does not imply direction, I don't see why it's speed can't be constant.

    How can the answer be B? If the track is circular, the car is accelerating and therfore changing its direction all the time. One moment it is doing 50mph North. A few moments later it is doing 50 mph South. It's velocity is constantly changing.
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    The quizes from the forum need to be reviewed and fixed. I think the kinematics one was one where no one got over 60%...
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    Doc Al

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    You are correct, of course. As Pengwuino says, some of those quizes need to be overhauled.
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    I was in a bit of a fluster over how much I'd forgotten until I convinced myself that the quizzes had to be wrong :wink:

    I do think that there were a few questions on some of the tests that I truly did miss though, but that's fine since it serves to reveal areas where my understanding is weak.
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