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A comparison of Homer's ethics vs the Bible's.

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    In Homer's Odyssey, Odyssius has to deal with the seduction of eternal life with lots of women, but choses to go back home to his wife and son; this is what I got from watching it on sci-fi; i've yet to bye the time to read it myself even though I bought the Homer works awhile ago, but thumbing through them to check the story, the story sounds accuraite enough.

    I find this Homer ethics contrary in contrast to what the Bible tries to do. The following link has plenty of references of Jesus and the Bible trying to persuade to believe in them based on eternal life and damnation if you don't.


    I don't care whether Jesus supposedly said 'this is what will happen if you do not believe', it is all a mental trick like what I heard a christian try to tell me recently, 'believe, and you will believe.' Not to mention, with the heavy criticisms of the pagans of the christians of plagarisms and contradictions all through the christians(and old testament material) writings, the christians were in the mood sidestep their evil 'believe or we'll kill you', by saying it in a friendlier way.

    How do these two philosophies compare? There is the comparison of taking eternal life or not as already indicated, but an issue here is whether Homer's idea that taking someone's offering of eternal life with lots of fun is such a good thing compared to the bible's? Homer is suggesting an evil person could be luring you in with sweetness, but really, the females have selfish interests! In a way, the Bible does have selfish interests - they for some reason are insecure if you don't believe in them. How do we know it isn't the Devil who is acting as Jesus in the New Testament offering eternal life and goodness?

    Am I against christianity? Yes. Am I trying to find what I can about it? Yes. Have I found something; i've found so much!
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    PF doesn't like religious discussions! :cry:

    You're against Christianity, and so are you against others also? Islam, Hinduism?
    Share with me some of the contradictions you've found so far. SInce this post will be probably delated before the dawn, send me a PM copy. I share with you what I've found against religions, just don't want to waste time if this thread will get delated. In case of emergency I'll PM you too :)

    How about a little secret religious clan at PF? :tongue2:
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    if I have to, I've just made sure I can get back in touch with you; now, I want to write up some more stuff and hopefully post in other forums; and then! talk to somebody over the phone!
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    We can skype together :) How far do you live from NY?
    Alright, waiting for your set of contradictions, hope it will benefit thousands :)

    Good night, :zzz:
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    He's right about PF not liking religious discussions. Abstract discussions of ethics are fine - though they should go in value theory, not general philosophy - but no discussions of specific scriptural doctrines.
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