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A Couple More Simple Think critically and Explain Questions

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    Think and Explain

    1. Why is it important that the resistance of an extension cord be small when it is used to power an electric heater?

    2. Will the current on a light bulb connected to 220V be more or less than when the same light bulb is connected to 110V? How much?

    3. In 60- Hz alternating current, how many times per second does the electron change its direction? (Don't say 60)

    4. Would you expect to find DC or AC in the dome lamp in an automobile? In the lamp in your home?

    Please help on these questions I would appreciate it very much THANKS!!:smile:
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    Not to be rude but, you do realize you have to put some work into it before anyone will help you.
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    oh sorry about that, but i did try to do them myself but i didn't understand them so i decided to skip them move on and then go back to try to figure out the answers for these few problems but i couldn't so I decided to post them up as well
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    Have you learn about power in an electric circuit? Do you know what it means to have a 60 Hz AC current?

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