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A couple of free books to download

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    I am sorry if this has been posted before. I just stumbled over this link and it got me drooling:tongue2:


    Does anyone know if the fundamentals of stellar astrophysics by Collins is a good book?
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    Azael: Collins is still a solid Introduction to General Astrophysics, although it is somewhat dated in areas. Collins updated some of the worst cases in his Online edition (2003), but there are still weak areas that can (and should) be supported by other texts or papers. I am a bit partial to it as I used it for my first course. IMHO you should download it and peruse it, as it still has some value for general intro study. Ishmael
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    Thanks for the link. Lots of nice books there.
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    thanks. Maby I will give it a read now that its summer :approve:
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