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A Couple of Questions About Salt

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    A Couple of Questions About "Salt"

    OK - I understand that all salts are ionic compounds, but not all ionic compounds are salts.

    I also understand that salts can be formed by:
    * the reaction of an acid & base, or
    * the reaction of an acid and metal, or
    * the recombination of ions when combining previously disolved salts

    It seems that some can be formed by combining the elements directly. Copper sulohide, for example?

    So here are my questions.

    1) Can anyone confirm that can form WITHOUT combining acid + base ?
    2) Can acids and bases combine WITHOUT forming a salt?
    3) Can anyone provide a definition of salt based entirely on characteristics of the compound itself, WITHOUT reference to how it was formed? ( Somebody claimed that an ionic compound with exactly two components = salt. True? Is there a better way to say the? )
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    There are several other ways of making salts - for example metal oxide plus acid anhydride, metal oxide plus acid, hydroxide plus acid anhydride.

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