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A good online maths degree for a game programmer?

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    Hi everyone, I'm currently a game programming student who is searching for a good online undergrad maths degree.
    I have read some threads here and someone (vanadium 50) mentioned there are two types of maths degrees: "ones for people not going on to graduate school, and ones for people who are"
    So, if I just wanted to have this degree just because I really like maths and I absolutely love learning new stuff (plus, it helps with my career), which one would you recommend?
    On the other hand, if I wanted to later get a Masters in maths (for example, the online masters offered by Texas A&M), which one would be better?

    I would really appreciate guidance.
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    Does one wish an undergraduate program or graduate program in mathematics?

    Also with respect to Vanadium 50's comment, I would favor a more rigorous mathematics program such as one that would lead to a graduate/advanced degree.

    Also realize that there are two tracks in math - pure math (e.g. abstract algebra, . . .) and applied math. It sounds like one would benefit from a degree based on applied math subjects.

    I think many state universities are starting to offer online courses. Perhaps one can contact the math department at the public universities in one's state and community.

    Otherwise, MIT has an open course program - but not for degree. We also have a learning materials section that has several topical threads in mathematics.
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    Thanks for the reply, Astronuc.

    I'm looking for an undergraduate degree, but I would like to keep open the possibility of getting a graduate degree afterwards.

    I have seen some of the MIT's open course material and I think it's great. However, I would prefer to actually get into a degree program. It will be more rigorous and it would be easier to get counselling in case I don't understand something... Plus, there would be some sort of order in the subjects.

    So far, the ones I've found are:
    BA in Mathematical Sciences from University of Illinois http://www.uis.edu/math/curriculum/BA.html
    BS in mathematics from University of Arkansas at Little Rock http://ualr.edu/extendedprograms/index.php/home/programs/bachelors-degrees/bs-math/ and the requirements were posted by another guy here https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=276191
    Math major at Saint Mary of the Woods http://www.smwc.edu/academics/departments/sciences_mathematics/mathematics/degree_requirements.php

    Which one do you think is offering a better curriculum?
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