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Testing A level Cambridge Exams this October

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    hey guys i am sitting for the A level Cambridge Exams this October and November. Could someone tell me what are the most probable outcomes in physics or what types of questions should i revise to secure a good grade in physics.
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    Re: Exams

    Isn't there an "expected outcomes" document detailing what candidates are expected to know for their A and O levels? It might differ from country to country. Check your country/district/state's exam board website for that.

    As for "most probable", I don't think anyone here could help you with that. Take a look through the past year examinations. Think you could spot any patterns in the questions tested? Regardless, the best person to answer this would be your high school teachers, especially those old and experienced ones. I've had a number of them tell me in advance which topics they usually expect to be tested for each year.
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    Re: Exams

    Yes. there is the syllabus of physics telling the learning outcomes. However, the exam questions may go beyond the syllabus.

    Anyways, thanks for the advice.
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    Re: Exams

    Exam questions will not go beyond the A level syllabus.

    The best way of gauging what sorts of questions will be asked it to look through past year exam papers, as Defennder says. Your teacher should provide papers, or you could check the exam board website: www.ocr.org.uk
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    Re: Exams

    thanks Crysto. I'm going to practice past exam papers now.
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    Re: Exams

    For your kind information, I am sitting for the CIE exams.
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