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Cambridge ( KAYM-brij) is a university city and the county town of Cambridgeshire, England, on the River Cam approximately 55 miles (89 km) north of London. At the United Kingdom Census 2011, the population of the Cambridge built-up area (which is larger than the remit of Cambridge City Council) was 158,434 including 29,327 students. Cambridge became an important trading centre during the Roman and Viking ages, and there is archaeological evidence of settlement in the area as early as the Bronze Age. The first town charters were granted in the 12th century, although modern city status was not officially conferred until 1951.
The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209. The buildings of the university include King's College Chapel, Cavendish Laboratory, and the Cambridge University Library, one of the largest legal deposit libraries in the world. The city's skyline is dominated by several college buildings, along with the spire of the Our Lady and the English Martyrs Church, and the chimney of Addenbrooke's Hospital. Anglia Ruskin University, which evolved from the Cambridge School of Art and the Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology, also has its main campus in the city.
Cambridge is at the heart of the high-technology Silicon Fen with industries such as software and bioscience and many start-up companies born out of the university. Over 40 per cent of the workforce have a higher education qualification, more than twice the national average. The Cambridge Biomedical Campus, one of the largest biomedical research clusters in the world includes the headquarters of AstraZeneca, a hotel, and the relocated Royal Papworth Hospital.The first game of association football took place at Parker's Piece. The Strawberry Fair music and arts festival and Midsummer Fair are held on Midsummer Common, and the annual Cambridge Beer Festival takes place on Jesus Green. The city is adjacent to the M11 and A14 roads. Cambridge station is less than an hour from London King's Cross railway station.

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  1. G

    Courses Edinburgh, Imperial, Oxford, Cambridge....?

    I just finished an undergraduate degree in Maths/Physics. I got accepted to; - Edinburgh: MSc Mathematical Physics - Imperial: MSc Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces - Oxford: MSc Mathematical and Theoretical Physics - Cambridge: MAST Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics (Part III) I am...
  2. Simon Bridge

    Cambridge Interview Question (pet peeve + demo)

    I'd start with a short discussion of what it means to "simplify" in this context... student needs a little background here, but not a lot. ie. we want no nesting square-roots if we can help it. In this working I am illustrating how I'd approach explaining how to approach these sorts of problems...
  3. archaic

    Other Free online textbooks from Cambridge

  4. J

    Studying PhD funding for non-EU students at Cambridge

    I heard that it is hard for non-EU students to apply for PhD fundings so self-funding is needed. Does anyone know how hard is it to get full funding for a non-EU student?
  5. J

    Schools Cornell vs Cambridge for undergrad physics

    Hello everyone, I have been admitted by Cornell and Cambridge (Trinity College) as an undergrad. I would like to study physics. Could anyone elaborate on what areas of physics Cornell and Cambridge are especially good at and how are they compared to each other? Also, is Trinity College a special...
  6. E

    Programs Masters then PhD in theoretical physics: Cambridge vs EU?

    Hello, this is my first post. So sorry for the long read in advance. I will graduate from Part II mathematical tripos this year, and I'm currently having a hard time deciding where to go for my Master: For now, I'm definite that I want to do theoretical physics PhD (gravity, cosmology, or...
  7. Z

    Admissions Nontraditional candidate for Cambridge part III

    Hi all, I am currently an undergraduate at a top 10 US university majoring in mathematics. It is common for undergrads at my institution to do a year abroad, and I think that by my junior year I will be prepared to take part III of the mathematical tripos at Cambridge. Here is a list of some...
  8. M

    MHB Lecture Notes from Cambridge and Oxford

    Hi. There's a great collection of lecture notes on mathematics and physics form Cambridge University that is linked on reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/math/comments/csgigv/collection_of_lecture_notes_on_mathematics_and/ It has notes on almost every topic, beginner, intermediate, and...
  9. G

    Admissions Is it possible to fund a part III course in Cambridge?

    Hi, I'm a final year MPhys student(not at Cambridge but in the UK) and I'd like to attend the MASt part III course in Cambridge for theoretical physics(I want to do a PhD in theoretical physics). I understand that I might be too late, but is there any way I can get funding for this course? I...
  10. Michael Marchenko

    Waves questions from Cambridge physics paper 9702

    I want to ask about question 27 in Cambridge university physics paper 9702/01 of October/November 2008 https://physics18.weebly.com/uploads/5/9/8/5/59854633/9702_w08_qp_01.pdfand question 30 in Cambridge university physics paper 9702/12 of May/June 2012...
  11. E

    A Before the Big Bang - New videos - Cambridge university

    There is a series of documentaries from professor Hawking and his colleagues. Hope you enjoy it.
  12. Milsomonk

    Admissions Is it worth me applying to Cambridge?

    Hi guys, Hope all is well. So I've just graduated with a 2:1 in Astrophysics (though I ended up taking more Theoretical/applied maths modules). I've always struggled with exams and done much better in coursework and project work, I achieved 80% in my research project. I had been...
  13. F

    Schools College choice: UCSB or Cambridge?

    As an international student who has recently completed high school, I now need to decide what college I will go to. Since "Cambridge, duh" gets a bit irritating after one has heard it a thousand times, I decided to write up a little list of the pros and cons I associate with each of the two...
  14. A

    Math III cambridge as a bsc physics

    Hi I am a Bsc physics w/theoretical physics student at imperial college. I was wondering if anyone knew the chances of getting on the maths III masters course applying from a bsc in physics. Is it even worth applying? My grades are quite high (80% +) but I am worried the courses we have done...
  15. L = K - U

    An olympiad student interested in Cambridge

    Hi to everyone, this is my first post in this forum. I am really stressed and confused at the moment. I really need help from a Cambridge student/teacher/alumni. (This is going to be a long post, so bear with me) I am a Thai student, who was in the top finals of Thailand's Physics Olympiad...
  16. shezi1995

    Schools Maths or NatSci Tripos for US physics grad school?

    Background: I am an international student doing Mathematical tripos at Cambridge and I have just completed my first year with a 2.i. I did 'Maths with Physics' for my first year. The following paragraph is taken from the department's course website. "The Mathematics with Physics option consists...
  17. I

    Admissions US undergrad applying for Cambridge Math Part III

    Hello all, I'm currently planning to apply to Cambridge Math Part III. My questions: (1) What should I do to improve my chance to be admitted? (Basic information attached below) (2) How helpful would this program be for application to PhD programs? (I'm aiming for top US programs, you know...
  18. M

    Imperial QFFF vs Cambridge Part III

    Hi there, this has probably been done to death on countless other threads, but I just thought it would be better to get more personal and actual direct replies by making my own post. I plan to go on and study theoretical physics and I've been accepted into both QFFF and Part III Applied Maths...
  19. K

    Can I get involved in an MIT Physics community?

    I graduated from UMass Amherst with a computer engineering degree, and, like I say in my bio, I've always been passionate about physics and math, but especially theoretical physics. I live near Cambridge, which is why I'm looking into MIT. I browsed the school's website, and I found the "Center...
  20. N

    Schools Choosing the Right College for a Physician: MIT vs. Cambridge

    Hello guys,i am 16 years old and i love physics...I want to become a physician and i was wondering what is the best college to apply for when the right time comes.I am between MIT and University of Cambridge .. I also want to know how hard is to get accepted to those two or what's the...
  21. C

    Theoretical/mathematical physics at Cambridge

    Dear all, I really want to join Cambridge university for my undergraduate course. In the long term, I want to go into hardcore research in theoretical physics, esp. general relativity. I am in a fix as to which course to choose for my undergraduate course. I am an Indian citizen, so don't know...
  22. 1

    Cambridge MASt (part iii) Physics

    Has anyone been through the application process for the part iii physics at Cambridge as an external student? If so, what is the interview like? What sort of questions do they ask? Thanks
  23. H

    Can I Answer O Level Qs without Showing Steps? - Cambridge O Level

    Is it okay to answer o level question without showing step by step solution? I just wrote some calculations how i found the answer. Please help
  24. J

    Math tripos part III at Cambridge.

    I recently applied to Cambridge for a MASt in Applied Mathematics, which falls under the curriculum of part III of the math tripos. I was wondering if anybody else has applied for or completed this course? If you have, would you mind giving a summary of your academic background? I'd like...
  25. B

    Preparing for Cambridge interview- resources/preparation?

    Hi, I'm a UK student who will be applying to the University of Cambridge (England). However, what would be the best preparation I could do for a physics interview if I am invited to one? So far. this is what I've come up with: -Doing Oxford admission PAT tests -Physics Olympiad questions -Past...
  26. shezi1995

    Should I Choose Cambridge for Natural Sciences or Wait for MIT?

    I am an international student from Pakistan doing A levels. I applied to St John's College of Cambridge uni for Natural Sciences and have luckily got an offer from there as well. I have also got a full scholarship which includes tuition and living expenses. But I have also applied to MIT...
  27. L

    Imperial QFFF vs Cambridge (Mast) Physics?

    So I hold an offer from Imperial, under the event that Cambridge also gives me an offer I am really unsure of which to go for. Could anyone tell me which is considered to be the harder course? I'm fine with studying module based content and then passing exams specifically on that content, but...
  28. I

    How's the Cambridge Tripos for undergrad Maths?

    My kid is considering going to Cambridge to read maths. I've been reading everything I can find about the University, especially all the official stuff on the web. I've also looked at Tim Gowers's blog, comments from MIT people on their exchange program, and other stuff (including posts here)...
  29. M

    Cambridge Part III: Admissions Process & Math Focus for Grad School?

    Has anyone done this before? If so, what were your reasons for considering it? What did you think about it? I'm hoping to find out more about what areas of math I want to focus in grad school, but I've also heard that it doesn't help all that much (although it was fun anyway). How does the...
  30. M

    MHB Scholarship Opportunities for PhD in Mathematics at Cambridge University

    Hello I have been entertaining the idea of applying for a phd in mathematics in Cambridge (when the time comes). Now, how hard is it to get a schollarship to Cambridge? Forgive me the imprecision of the question, but maybe that way it will generate more interesting answers. Thank you in advance.
  31. P

    Which is better? math tripos in cambridge or msc in physics in germany

    I have been offered a place to study part iii of the math tripos (with a commonwealth scholarship). My area of interest is theoretical physics. However the problem is that quite a bit of the stuff that has been covered in part ii of the course (and hence is a prerequisite for part iii) has not...
  32. T

    Cambridge Part III Maths/Imperial QFFF

    Hi, I've received offers for both of the above courses and I'm trying to weigh up the pros and cons of both, bearing in mind that whatever I choose will be preparation for a Theoretical Physics PhD in the UK or Europe. I'd just love to spend the year at Cambridge, if only to be able to say I've...
  33. M

    Calculators What can you explore with the Sinclair Cambridge Scientific calculator?

    I just purchased a Sinclair Cambridge Scientific calculator so I could try something showing my son what calculators were like when I was a boy. I have taken a number and then Tan(cos(sin(x))) then inversed back through the functions to show how different the numbers are on the modern and the...
  34. C

    O level student and I badly want to get into Cambridge

    Hello......I am currently an Olevel student and I badly want to get into Cambridge University for studying mathematics and theoretical physics...can anyone tell me how to do that?
  35. B

    Programs Navigating Cambridge Programs & Scholarships as an American Physics Student

    I want to apply to Cambridge as well as for the Gates Cambridge scholarship. However, I am unsure of which programs I am eligible for as an American student with a 4 year bachelor of science in physics from a strong liberal arts college. I believe that in Europe, a bachelor's degree is three...
  36. E

    DAMTP MASt at Cambridge: A Student's Perspective

    Can anyone tell me what they know about the DAMTP MASt program at Cambridge? I'm presently a fourth year undergraduate at an American university, and I intend to work toward a PhD in Physics from another American school. My plan was to apply to these programs this fall, but recently another...
  37. A

    Schools Is University of Cambridge good?

    Hi, For my undergraduate degree, I intend to study at the University of British Columbia. For my Masters and PHD I am hoping to study at Cambridge. How good is the Physics program at Cambridge? I am interested in Particle Astrophysics. I noticed that on their website they don't (at least...
  38. J

    Cambridge Physics Problems: Electrostatics

    Before I go about trying to futilly solve the question, is this thing beyond a CIE A-Lv physics student's reach or not? Any comments on the difficulty of the question, and perhaps the reading material which you would recommend before I attempt the question? Thank you.
  39. J

    Year 12: Cambridge Physics Problem (Movement of Bromine gas in air)

    Bromine gas at atmospheric pressure and room temperature has a density of 6.4 kg/m3. An approximate r.m.s. speed of bromine molecules is 216.5 m/s. Experiments show that bromine molecules take about 500s to diffuse 0.1m in air. This low speed compared with the r.m.s. speed can be attributed...
  40. J

    Year 12: Cambridge Physics Problem (Distance of O atom in atmosphere)

    At an altitude of about 100km above the Earth's surface, the density and temperature of the atmosphere are about 10^-14 kg/m^3 and 2000K, respectively. At this altitude, the major constituent of the atmosphere is atomic oxygen. Use this information to estimate the pressure of the atmosphere at...
  41. J

    Year 12: Cambridge Physics Problem (Thermal System)

    Two cylinders A and C of equal volume V contain the same ideal gas at temperature T and at pressures 2p and p respectively. A valve connecting the two cylinders is opened slightly and as the gas leaks from A to B, the pressure in A is maintained at 2p by pushing in a piston. The process is...
  42. J

    Year 12: Cambridge Physics Problem (Pressure inside a vessel)

    A vessel is divided into two parts of equal volume by a partition in which there is a very small hole. Initially, each part contains gas at 300K and a low pressure, p. One part of the vessel is now heated to 600K while the other is maintained at 300K. If a steady state is established when the...
  43. J

    Year 12: Cambridge Physics Problem (Doppler effect of light in a box)

    An evacuated cubical box of side a is constructed with perfectly reflecting interior surfaces; initially, it is dark inside. A small window is opened to allow light of frequency f to enter the container and is also closed again when the box contains N photons. Suggest what might happen if the...
  44. J

    Year 12 Cambridge Physics: Classical Mechanics v Light Particle Collision

    Question: A stream of particles, each of mass m and having kinetic energy E, is collimated into a parallel beam of cross-sectional area A. The particles are incident normally on a smooth plane surface at rate n and they rebound elastically. Derive an expression for the pressure on the surface...
  45. J

    Year 12: Cambridge Physics Problems (2D kinetic theory)

    Question: A square frame of side 10cm rests on a table. Confined within the frame are 500 ants, each of mass 0.001g. The ants rush about randomly with constant speed 0.02m/s, colliding with each other and with the walls. Assuming the collisions are perfectly elastic, calculate for force on each...
  46. M

    Part III of the Mathematical Tripos in Cambridge

    Im studying my bachelors degree in physics and math outside the UK, but inside the EU. I am just wondering how hard is it to get into this program? I probably could get funding from my home country so let's assume that money isn't a problem. If I get my bachelors with 1st class honors and...
  47. J

    Year 12: Cambridge Physics Problems (Joule's classification on molecule factor)

    Derive an expression for the number of impact of gas molecules on unit area in unit time in terms of the number of molecules per unit volume, n, and their mean speed, <c>. Explain the assumptions you make. A disc of radius "a" rotates with constant angular velocity "omega" in a gas at low...
  48. J

    Year 12: Cambridge Physics Problem (Rate of increase of ice thickness)

    Guys I'm weak in heat and kinetic theory, so I'm going to need extra guide and pointers from you guys to solve this and the coming questions. Thank you. Question: A pond of water at 0 degrees Celsius is freezing. The thickness of the ice layer is h and the top surface of the ice remains at a...
  49. J

    Year 12: Cambridge Physics (Calculus in Specific heat capacity)

    Below 20K, The specific heat capacity c of silver varies with temperature according to the equationc/\text{J /kg /K} = 1.5x10^{-4}(T/K)^3 + 6.0x10^{-3} T/K. If a small silver sphere of diameter 4am and at 20K is placed in 25g of liquid helium at 4K, what fraction of the liquid will evaporate...