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A Level Coursework - Resistivity

  1. Mar 25, 2009 #1
    Hi guys, im currently in my AS year and a piece of coursework on resistivity of metals, how you derive the equation.
    But for the coursework i have to write an abstract on it, linking my experiment to a case study, does anyone have any good websites or information to help me out.

    This is from the exam board about the abstract:

    S1 Uses library, consulting a minimum of three different sources of information (eg books/websites/journals/magazines/case study provided by Edexcel/manufacturers’ data sheets) 1
    S2 Provides full details of sources of information 1
    S3 Provides a brief description of the case study 1
    S4 Makes correct statement on relevant physics principles 1
    S5 Uses relevant specialist terminology correctly 1
    S6 Provides one piece of relevant information (eg data, graph, diagram) that is not mentioned in the briefing papers case study 1
    S7 Briefly discusses context (eg social/environmental/historical) 1
    S8 Comments on implication of physics (eg benefits/risks) 1
    S9 Explains how the practical relates to the visit or case study 1

    Any help would be appreciated. Stuff along the lines of why companies want to know the resisivity, why its important. That kind of thing.
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  3. Mar 26, 2009 #2
    I am going to be doing this experiment, and changing the length. So would i be measuring the voltage and current, then working out the resistance. And from that work out the resistivity of the wire?
    Would this be ok?
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    Yes that would be fine. You also need to find the average diameter of the wire to get is cross sectional area. You can use a micrometer at various places down the length of the wire.
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