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A light, readily available glue, that can adhere metal to latex.

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    I have next to no materials specific knowledge, so I was hoping someone here could guide me in the right direction.

    I'm looking for a spreadable adhesive that has the following properties listed by priority:
    1. Can adhere metal to latex or other rubber-like materials.
    2. Inexpensive
    3. Is very light when dried.
    4. Good surface tension when uncured/dried
    5. Readily available at a store or easy to purchase in small quantities online.

    Strength (holding force?) is not that important, if that is a factor.
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    you sound like a chemical engineer to me, could you please give me reasons for studying chemical engineering other than the passion for chemistry, physics and maths?? thanksssss
    xxx :)
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    Actually, I implied the opposite when I expressed my lack of materials knowledge.
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    aka Super Glue.
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    2 part expoxy resin - not sure about the chemical bonds etc but I have used it for anumber of my projects
  7. Oct 25, 2012 #6
    yep a two part epoxy like Bondo or PC-7 or PC-11 may work. you canget those at any hardware store

    If it needs to be a fine even layer of adhesive you can use a cheap 2 part automotive paint and spray it on with an HVLP gun between your layers

    ever hear of A UV-catalyzed polymer resin? if one of the layers you are gluing together is transparent you could use something like a photo-catalyzation process rather than an epoxide type scenario
  8. Nov 1, 2012 #7
    I did not see if you needed it to be flexible.
    Another factor is surface area, the larger the area the less adhesion
    you need for the same strength.
    If you do not need flex, liquid nails will have something that should work.
    If your part needs some strength, JB Weld. (I repaired an outboard engine block with this)
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