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A lot, 6000 SF. What is the superficial area in meters?

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    For some reason I cannot get this.
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    You mean "square meters" of course- you can't measure area in meters any more than you measure it in feet.

    1 foot is about .30r8 meters so 1 square foot is about (.3048)2= 0.09290 square meters. Divide 600 square feet by that.
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    You need the conversion factor for sq. ft. into sq. meters.

    1 m. = 39.37 inches = 39.37/12 ft.
    1 m2 = (39.37/12)2 ft2
    So 1/((39.37/12)2) m2 = 1 ft2

    For your problem,
    6000 ft2 * 1 m2/(((39.37/12)2) ft2) should give you the area in square meters.

    I get about 557.4 m2.
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