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A lttile though on multiverses.

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    First of all, I'm a newcomer to quantum subjects, and if there are any mistakes in my exposure please don't get mad. And, of course, please corrcet me.
    Using the multiverse teory (every possibility will originate a new universe) I thought of a problem:
    Imagine I though of exposing myself to radiation (for whatever reason), if I consider seriously that option, it becomes a possibility, and then I changed my mind, in another universe I would go and expose myself.
    Then there would be two mes, one safe and another in exposure, but our quantiqual information would be the exact same, and thus we would enter at a paralelism, everything that happens to him happens to me, and his atoms would start changing by radiation, and so would mine, and if gets cancer so will I.
    Is this hipothesis valid?
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    If you are assuming something like a Level-I Multiverse, there's absolutely no connection between your copy and you.

    What do you mean by "entering to a parallelism together"?

    Your copy would be evolving in an entirely different fashion if it chooses to expose himself to high levels of radiation.

    There's no connection between you and your copies.
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    Actually there have been some experimentations and it seems that two things with the exact same information share a bond.
    Two atoms with exact same inf. (spin etc.) would connect and if one lost an eletron, so would the other.
    So if another me exists, it has the exact same info. and if it's atoms where altered so would mine.
    I'm still a begginer at this subject though.
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    No. Not at all. Relating entanglement to multiverses is based on nothing. Things with the same spin/other quantum numbers are not automatically entangled...
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    In a thread earlier (Past Uncertainty) today I posted the following which sheds a little light on your question:

    You may wish to follow that thread and see if anyone has answers.....
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