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News A new route for refugees and migrants to Europe

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    Some of them are now taking the long way around, into Norway via Russia, just a few miles from the Arctic Ocean. There's a catch, though. The Russians don't let them walk across the border, and the Norwegians don't let drivers bring people in who don't have the proper papers. So they ride bicycles, which are piling up on the Norwegian side of the crossing.

    Seeking asylum on children's bicycles (BBC News)

    I wonder why they don't save some time and distance by entering via Finland.
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    I think Finland has a lot harsher policy towards immigrants and refugees. The Finns party that is in the government got about 20% of the votes and they're against immigration. Finland was also one of only a few countries that voted against the refugee quotas in EU. So I imagine most refuges see Norway as a better option than Finland and especially since refugees are expected to apply for asylum in the first EU country they reach.
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    That rule seems to be no longer enforced for a few months already. Also, Norway is not an EU member.
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    Yes it doesn't seem to be anymore but even if it ain't enforced I expect a lot of refugees heard rumours about other being stopped by police or sent back even if it's a few months earlier. Norway is however part of the Schengen agreement which I believe regulate this. But then I'm not exactly an expert on the subject so I could be wrong. I just happens to be Swedish and our news covered a lot about this lately so I thought I chime in.
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    You could be wrong, but you could also be right, I'm not sure myself. Incidentally, maybe you will appreciate the humour of this: It's about another of your neighbours.

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    That was quite hilarious. Especially as Denmark been advertising about their harsher policy towards immigrants to get fewer immigrants to go there. Also the Muhammad original painting I assume refer to the drawings publicised by "Jyllands posten" (but drawn by a swede) that caused so much controversy.
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