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B A question about parallel universes I want to share

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    Um ... yea.
    This was on my mind for a long time and was bugging me like hell , so I want to share it and ask if its correct or could be correct .
    My theory is , as we know , there are unlimited parallel universes , made by the Many-worlds interpretation . Sometimes the difference is unnoticeable , sometimes the world is completely different from ours .
    My theory says that , if there are unlimited numbers of worlds out there with unlimited possibilities , in one , Parallel universes doesn't exist . And im trying to figure this out ... how is it possible ? That if there is a parallel universe that in it , parallel universes doesn't exist ......
    So anyway , if there's something wrong about my theory , point it out or if there's an explanation ... heck , maybe someone before me thought of this theory ...
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    What you are saying is simply self contradictory. Your main error is in thinking that a property of the whole array- that multiple universes can or cannot exist- is a property of a single universe. That's like asking "if I have a large number of buckets of water, what if one bucket has the property that there is only one bucket?"
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    The MWI says no such thing, and a world in which the MWI is false is not one of the possibilities it allows. The MWI is about the way superposed wave functions evolve without collapse.

    We can close this thread, as premise it is based on is mistaken.
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