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Complaint A science forum which does not allow proper method?

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    I made a post in the thread "Can time really be slowed?", talking about my idea that time is only part of our imagination.

    I recieved a warning.

    I made a post in the thread "Who said the fourth Dimension has to be time?", talking about my opinion of the nonsensicality of dimensional theories.

    I recieved a infraction.

    I was told they do not tolerate "anti-science comments like this". Tell me, what is anti-science about it? One of the MAIN IDEAS of science is to reason, rationalize, and critisize theories. Here I see censorship, with no room to think freely, this forum itself is the very anti-science that it does not allow.

    One should be allowed to give their own critisisms on theories and ideas; how can science move forward unless it is kept checked and balanced by critisization? What is peer-review? Some would say that only the 'experts' can peer-review, but these 'experts' have grown up all their lives, puting tons of money into being educated in the standard model, how else will they react when someone critiques it? There is a bias which exists towards the standard model which disallowed any sort of growth, and this is why physics has become so stagnant (compared to, say, the 1940s) since the 1980s; with the exception of the Higgs, what major discovery has been made?

    I believe that those who want to give their ideas ought to do so, otherwise you undermind one of the main ideas of science.
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    When doing science, then giving and accepting criticism is very important. I agree that in order to advance science, you need to reason through some ideas and criticize the ideas.

    However, what you seem to miss is that this forum is not meant to advance science. We are not a forum for professional scientists who wish to discuss their new theory. We are a forum that wishes to discuss mainstream science. We want to help students with their science homework and we wish to help them in their studies. Therefore, we welcome only opinions that are mainstream science.

    Yes, there is a significant amount of censorship on this forum. This censorship ensures that no crackpottery is discussed.

    Your post here is some kind of conspiracy theory that claims that professional scientists are very defensive of their theories and that they do not welcome new ideas. Such opinions are not welcome on this forum.
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    We believe in well-thought out, INFORMED ideas, not random, made-up, thoughts devoid of actual understanding of the physics required. We do not condone speculative discussion such as those, which you should already know when you agreed to abide by the PF Rules.

    This is like someone walking into a vegetarian restaurant and complaining that they don't serve steak!

    Complaints such as this has been addressed ad nauseum in this Feedback forum. You're welcome to see the responses that had already been given. My opinion and response to something like this has been perfectly clear:

    https://www.physicsforums.com/blog.php?b=2979 [Broken]

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    No, only those qualified should be allowed to critique.

    You aren't even making any sense. People without the appropriate background cannot possibly critique what they do not understand. There is absolutely no value in random people spewing out irrelevant ideas.
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