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A simple molecular drawing program?

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    I tried Chimera, but I found it to be too complicated for I need... is there a simpler program out there for simple molecules?
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    The Chemdraw software is pretty good, they have molecular drawing softwares as well as some nice databases, your university may have already subscribed you to some softwares of theirs...you should have received a notification in your email if such was the case.

    For simple molecules, you may want to try drawing it out with Paint.
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    Paint?? :bugeye: :rofl:

    Just use ACD ChemSketch! It's small, free, and it does 3D...
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    I used to use ChemDraw for lab reports, they used to have a chemdraw 2D and 3D, but i think they are under one package now.
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    I was pretty desparate, AND IT WORKED GREAT!!!! You can get pretty sophisticated with paint, you can basically edit anything with it.
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    You can get extremely sophisticated w/paint :rofl: :rofl:

    Chem draw is good. Chem draw ultra has everything you would probably ever need.

    Isis draw is really good too.
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