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Drawing is a form of visual art in which an artist uses instruments to mark paper or other two-dimensional surface. Drawing instruments include graphite pencils, pen and ink, various kinds of paints, inked brushes, colored pencils, crayons, charcoal, chalk, pastels, erasers, markers, styluses, and metals (such as silverpoint). Digital drawing is the act of using a computer to draw. Common methods of digital drawing include a stylus or finger on a touchscreen device, stylus- or finger-to-touchpad, or in some cases, a mouse. There are many digital art programs and devices.
A drawing instrument releases a small amount of material onto a surface, leaving a visible mark. The most common support for drawing is paper, although other materials, such as cardboard, wood, plastic, leather, canvas, and board, have been used. Temporary drawings may be made on a blackboard or whiteboard. Drawing has been a popular and fundamental means of public expression throughout human history. It is one of the simplest and most efficient means of communicating ideas. The wide availability of drawing instruments makes drawing one of the most common artistic activities.
In addition to its more artistic forms, drawing is frequently used in commercial illustration, animation, architecture, engineering, and technical drawing. A quick, freehand drawing, usually not intended as a finished work, is sometimes called a sketch. An artist who practices or works in technical drawing may be called a drafter, draftsman, or draughtsman.

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  1. S

    I What website/software can draw optics setups like this?

    Some time ago, I drew a simple drawing. But now I can't remember how I drew it. Did I use a software or a website? I remember I could choose some optics components, like the small laser in the image, the mirror mount, etc. It can do basic light tracing. It was free.
  2. G

    Particle moving from one potential to another

    Attaching the image of the problem as an image. Somehow text is not copied from the book. Somehow, I can't imagine the picture in my head. We can do it in 2D plane. I know, it mentions the solution, but need to see the drawing, otherwise, my logic fails. I thought that maybe, first half space...
  3. DaveC426913

    B How does one draw a logarithmic scale?

    So I'm playing with this visualization from this other thread and I'm brute-forcing the "days" scale because don't really know how to place the marks. (by brute-forcing, I mean I am using SUVAT to calculate the distance one can travel in one day, then redoing it to calc the distance in two...
  4. chengmo

    I use tmesh card to get mdata file, what tool should I use to draw?

    I use tmesh card to get mdata file, what tool should I use to draw? I'm using tmesh3 cards to calculate the energy deposition, but I need to get a dose profile what should I do
  5. A

    Engineering Drawing velocity polygon for a press mechanism

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, I want to ask help on this problem here, above is a press mechanism and I'm tasked to draw a velocity polygon based on this mechanism. The point of contact between the two gears is A and consider it as a swivel hinge (rotating but stay still), so I guess it's O2...
  6. C

    Drawing the Graph: Analyzing Solutions and Questions

    For this problem, , The solutions is, However, why did they not draw vertical lines for the graph like this: ? Thank you!
  7. xxxyzzz

    Engineering Drawing FBD: Cable Passes Over a Smooth Peg

    Attempting to draw the FBD for this problem but was wondering what to do about the cable, especially when I determine the internal loadings at E. At C, do I only draw one force arrow (CB), or draw both on the left and right side?
  8. hagopbul

    I Drawing Direction Fields for Higher Order ODEs

    Hello : Trying to find references on drawing direction fields of higher order differential equation by hand as 1st step then by computer , do you know any reference I can read ( PDF , books ,...) , and hope it is not only some short notes Best regards HB
  9. Tesla In Person

    Orthographic projections of object drawings

    Hi, I have this mcq . The image shows the Top and Front view of an object, what is the side view of this object? I am finding it very difficult to even interpret the top and front views. I will get questions like these in my exam so I must be able deduce the 3rd view from 2 given views of the...
  10. J

    Recommendation for a platform for drawing computational circuits

    Homework Statement:: I need to draw circuits involving quantum gates and quantum states I would like a platform that allowed me to draw quantum computation circuits. That is, that it provides me with the schemes and allows me to write in latex. Many thanks in advance.
  11. VVS2000

    Drawing physics Diagrams with online software

    Hello everyone, does anyone know any online websites/software to draw detailed physics diagrams, Like the ones we see in textbooks and research papers. I wanted to draw detailed ray diagram of a lens with mentioning all the angles and refracted rays which is supposed to depict a certain...
  12. A

    Engineering Homework about plane engineering drawing

    Hello, i wasn't in enginnering drawing class since 2 weeks because i was sick and my high school teacher told me to do this homework. This is what I've done so far I did not build the triangle 'cause i am not sure. Please, i just want that someone accompanies me with steps by steps explanation...
  13. martusa

    Comp Sci Drawing Figures in C++: Put Circle Pattern in Square

    i only managed to draw a square and don’t know how to put circle pattern inside of it #include <stdio.h> int main() { int totalrowcol; printf("Enter the number of rows: "); scanf_s("%d", &totalrowcol); for (int rowno = 1; rowno <= totalrowcol; rowno++) { for (int...
  14. A

    What should I consider when sketching a vector field?

    Hello! I am suspossed to write (sketch) this particular vector field. $$V2(r) = \frac{C}{\sqrt{x^2+y^2+z^2})^3} * (x,y,z) $$ Note that the x y z is suspossed to be a vector so they would be written vertically (one over the other) but I don't know how to write vectors and matrices in LaTeX,so...
  15. S

    Chemistry Drawing 1-bromo-6-chlorodispiro [2.1.2^5.1^3] octane

    I tried drawing the structure, and I do not know which one of the two is the correct compound for the nomenclature. Which one would be the correct one, and why? Thank you!
  16. S

    Chemistry Why is Understanding Wedge-Dash Diagrams Important for Visualizing Molecules?

    I can only view each carbon individually so I don't see why the representations under incorrect is incorrect.
  17. AN630078

    Drawing Radial Field Equipotentials and Field Lines

    I have just attached a standard depiction of a radial field as one may similarly choose to draw it. So I understand that the gravitational field strength in a field is defined as the force per unit mass at that point. The field lines in a radial field move further apart further away from the...
  18. S

    Chemistry Drawing the structure of 1,3,5 - trimethylphenol

    The picture above is the correct answer, but I do not understand why. I thought that the OH group on the top has to be prioritized and be numbered 1. But then, the structure would have to be named 2,4,6-trimethylphenol, not 1,3,5-trimethylphenol. For example, 4-chloroaniline structure looks...
  19. S

    Chemistry Drawing resonance structure for this O-CH2 ion

    ion shown: My answer: the following is the answer of the question: I identified the major contributor correctly, but the resonance structures, but the second resonance I drew is missing in the answer sheet. Can anyone tell me why the second resonance structure is not part of the answer...
  20. S

    Chemistry Drawing resonance structure for SO42

    I was told that there are six resonance structures for SO42-, as shown below. I am wondering why this structure with single bonds is not one of the possible resonance. I understand that it is unfavorable as the formal charges are spread out over all four atoms, but shouldn't is still be a...
  21. theycallmevirgo

    A useful software: schematics drawing package for Jupyter (python)

    Just wanted to give a shoutout to SchemDraw, a FOSS circuit schematic drawing package for Jupyter(Python), made by a PhD at Sandia Labs. It's purely drawing, not simulation of any kind, but given Python's numeric and symbolic superpowers it's easy enough to bolt-on that functionality. If...
  22. BillTre

    Software recommendations for Drawing Molecules

    What do people use for drawing molecules (in a digital manner)? I would like to make space filling type models as well as letters representing the atoms connected by lines at different angles. The second kind I could make with ad drawing program, but there's got to be a better way.
  23. B

    Engineering Drawing the Schematic for a Circuit I built on a Breadboard

    Here is the circuit i have built on a breadboard (link) - Breadboard circuit i am now trying to draw the circuit for this but struggling Hi, I have built this circuit on a breadboard and have tried to draw it out but I am pretty sure its not right, needs to include- 741 amplifier,transisitor...
  24. K

    Which Program for Drawing Statics & Dynamics Mechanicals and Setting Dimensions?

    Wich The Program (Software) Using To Draw Statics And Dynamics Mechanichal Same This 100% When Create This below Which Program Using ? And set Dimensions Thanks For All
  25. M

    Engineering Magnitude versus Frequency Response Drawing from Pole-Zero Plot

    Hi, EDIT: apologies for any ambiguity, but this is for DISCRETE systems, not analogue like the problem states. I was attempting a problem which is shown below . I am not really sure how to attempt this problem, but here is my attempt. Are there general methods for tackling these types of...
  26. B

    Optical Problem: drawing the reflected wave

    That is the diagram of the question. How is the reflected going to be?
  27. binbagsss

    LaTeX LaTeX-tikz drawing perpendicular line

    I copied and pasted some code from another thread on this forum, and it has worked, however I am unsure how to change the length of the line. On the attached image, the line is the one labelled H(X,T). I want the line to be perpendicular to the plane- to pass through the blue node labelled (dfd)...
  28. M

    Can I use free programs to add drawings to my posts?

    Are there free programs to add drawings to a post?
  29. K

    Drawing Fractals from IFS Equations

    Attempt The interval sketch is obviously a line from 0, 1. F1 would cut the interval line by a third similar to the Cantor set. F2 would cut the interval line by a third and then there is a transformation that moves to the point (1/3, 1/3). F3 would cut the interval line by a third and then...
  30. WMDhamnekar

    LaTeX Drawing Lewis Diagrams & Chemical Equations with LaTeX

    Hi, How to draw Lewis diagrams, Lewis symbols , chemical equations in LaTeX?
  31. S

    I How do I create a sewing pattern for a spherical lune in 2D from an n-hosohedra?

    I ultimately want to make a sewing pattern of a ball. If I have an n-hosohedra, how do I figure out the equation of the curves that make up each lune in 2D?
  32. Addez123

    B Probability of drawing 5 spades, 3 hearts....

    The odds are $$\frac {13C5 \times 2 \times 13C3 \times 13C2} {52C13}$$ This is correct according to my book. The follow up question then becomes, what if you can pick 5 of any suit, 3 of any other suit, another 3 from the remaining 2 suits and 2 from the last untouched suit? The solution...
  33. A

    I can't deduce the third view of an engineering drawing

    Hi What are the general algorithmic steps of producing a third view from existing two. I can't do it for all cases. So I am searching for an algorithm to follow. Famous books don't pay a lot of attention to the subject. But in my school it is ! Can someone please help me with the steps. And by...
  34. jisbon

    Checking if Drawing is Correct: Charge Enclosed & Radius

    Firstly, I would like to check if I drew the diagram correctly: I'm unsure of the question's phrasing in this case. Should if the drawing is correct, (i) When radius is 1cm, charge enclosed = -10mC When radius is 3cm, charge enclosed is -10+10 +5? I'm unsure where the 5mC is here in this...
  35. M

    Drawing sets of Complex Variables

    I tried saying z = x + iy, then squared both sides so that I would get something that looked like: |z - i|^2 + |z + i|^2 + |z - i||z + i| = 3, where the first two terms are simple but the third term is what I don't know what to do with. I'm wondering if I'm using the wrong approach. For that...
  36. N

    ProProgram for drawing functions

    Hello, good morning. I would like to know if someone knows a program to be able to draw the functions in the same way as the one shown in the image and also allow me to point out an enclosure formed by them without having to use inequalities to do so. Thank you very much for everything beforehand.
  37. A

    Engineering Drawing: An Essential Tool for the Egyptian Engineer

    Hi I'm a first year Egyptian engineering student. I have a problem with engineering drawing. In our country Egypt the focus is on grades and exams nobody cares about understanding any thing. Nobody really does understand anything. Nobody even loves engineering. My problem is that I can not be...
  38. R

    Drawing Graphs: Concentric Circles & Straight Lines

    Hi, how would I go about drawing these two graphs? and The first one would be concentric circles with the centre at (0,0). The second one would be straight lines through (0,0). Is this correct? Also, what happens at ln(0) = constant for the first graph and x = 0 for the second graph...
  39. E

    Strategy for drawing equipotentials

    The only one that I can see is for the potential $$V=-\frac{2GM}{3r}$$ since the midpoint of the two masses satisfies this equation. The only other useful inference I can make is that the most negative potentials closes to the surface of either planet, and the lowest potentials will be far away...
  40. D

    Drawing a derivative of a function

    Red line being the function and blue an approximation of the derivative. Does it look right?
  41. D

    MHB Scale Drawing: What is the real length of the bus

    QS) A model of a bus has a scale of 4cm to 3m. The model is 10cm long. What is the real length of the bus? my workout: 4cm to 3m. 4 cm is length of model and 3m is real length. so we have, mode = 10 cm long so 4 cm to 10 cm: 10/4= 2.5 cm for real length 3 X 2.5= 7.5 m. I am not sure about...
  42. R

    Drawing the line between the Pilotwave and Stochastic Interpretations

    Greetings… I requested some books that deals with the different interpretations of QM almost a year ago and I read lots of them. My favourite was Laloe's (so whoever recommended it, extra thanks for you). I noticed something interesting in the Bohmian mechanism, a common misconception if I may...
  43. S

    Programs Will my horrible drawing skills hurt me as a physics major?

    I'm going to return to college starting Fall, 2019 as a physics major. In preparation, I've been going though various textbooks, studying the material and working the problems. The concepts I understand reasonably well. The problem? I'm horrible at drawing. I see some problems, especially in...
  44. S

    Software packages for drawing schematics

    Hi all, for presentations/lectures and so on, I need to making drawings which make easier the comprehesion of the process I adopt for my research. Occasionaly, I draw flowcharts o something similar, which embed arrows, geometrical figures, plots (sometimes, I simplified a complex plots like...
  45. C

    -- The drawing shows three particles far away from....

    The drawing shows three particles far away from any other objects and located on a straight line. The masses of these particles are mA = 340 kg, mB = 567 kg, and mC = 139 kg. Take the positive direction to be to the right. Find the net gravitational force, including sign, acting on (a) particle...
  46. W

    Drawing conclusions by looking at integral

    Homework Statement I have the following expression $$I = \int_{-\infty}^{0} f_p(p) \ \big[ pf_x(a - \frac{p}{m}t) \big] dp + \int_{0}^{\infty} f_p(p) \ \big[ pf_x(a - \frac{p}{m}t) \big] dp$$ where ##f_p## and ##f_x## are normalised distributions. In particular, ##f_x## is symmetric about...
  47. T

    Ideas to prevent falling - Drawing attached

    Looking to develop something that will "hang" as shown in the drawing without falling off and without requiring permanent attachment. Any help appreciated.
  48. A

    MHB Drawing a pre-defined triangle that touches 3 pre-defined lines at all 3 points

    This is my first time posting here so please forgive me any indiscretions... I'm actually not a student. I'm a general contractor. Part of what I do for a living is draw plans, and that quite often involves geometrical and trigonometrical type challenges. For the most part, I'm usually able...
  49. F

    Drawing the resonance contributors for the following compound

    Homework Statement Draw all the resonance contributors for the following strucutre [/B] https://imgur.com/ZCoYEz7 Homework Equations (none)[/B]The Attempt at a Solution t I have two current resonance structures drawn I am just not sure if there are any more, can someone please confirm, if...
  50. K

    How can I modify this drawing to have fail safe

    This pneumatic circuit currently operates both of the cylinders automatically when the start valve is actuated. I want to modify the circuit so it will fail safe and park both the cylinders in the retracted position