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A simple question on a modified Double-Slit Experiment

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    I guess inaccuracies in the actual experiment suggests the answer for this question. But would still ask to confirm.

    If instead of using a whole screen, one simply puts half a screen. That is, from a top view the screen extends upwards from the central beam axis, also right in the middle between the two slits. Something like this:


    Would the same interference pattern emerge on that half screen?

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    Yes it would. The entire screen does not need to be present.
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    DrChinese: has any experiment been done with half detection screen? Since QM is fully counter-intuitive surprises, I wonder if anyone has bothered to check.
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    Which modified experiment are you referring to; I have seen at least three, and would not be surprised if there were many more.
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    the detection screen is halved as asked in the original question. I am curious if anyone has confirmed that interference pattern of single electron build up is unchanged on the half screen.
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    I don't know if double-slit experiment has been performed with halved screen but in real experiments where you count individual photons it is usual that there is no screen at all but just single detector that is moved around in single plane (line actually).
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    Hi Izhaki, for example delayed choice quantum eraser uses a single detector that is moved around. there are many more as Zonde has mentioned above.


    I had a similar question, early on.... just that it was the other way around...;)

    namely ....would a single detector show the same pattern as a whole big (stationery) screen that covers/catches most of the photons/pattern?

    the answer, of course, is yes and it helps rule out a lot of imagination/hypothesis...
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    Thanks for the link!

    Yes, shortly after submitting the post I've realized that whether the detector is halved or tilted, one should see a similar pattern. So some hypothesis I toyed with went out of the window.

    What I'm trying to say is that I reckon my question was stupid to begin with. It is still nice to have people affirming what was wrong thinking to begin with.
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