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A special kind of advice consultation

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    With the width, breadth, diverse background and multicultural membership here, I am guessing, I hope correctly, that one or more of you may have advice on the following:

    International sales of commercial agricultural products (think hot peppers),
    Through my investigation through a single source of a wholesaler with 58 years experience in selling wholesale on he auction market. I am told there are no import or export laws that the FDA has on the books that allow for the selling or buying or hot peppers to friendly countries of the US. I am not sure this is true, and if it isn't, what permits and costs are associated with dealing with produce in general, not to mention the risk involved of dealing with foreign them, or their brokers directly.

    Lastly does anyone here deal with US drug companies that either buy or sell ingredients used in making medications, for instance, capsaicin is used in cremes incorporated into patches for temporary pain relief.

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