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A strange informataion ! is ot realy

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    hello every body

    I 'm very happy to be with you ..,I think that is my first topic

    last day , our teacher of physics tell us a new and a strange information , he say:

    " if we go out of Earth's atmosphere , we Will not see anything! , we see just black color ! "

    and he Tell us that a Astronaut try this ,

    in fact I don't Believe that !!!!

    do you think that this information is true?

    if you say yes , do you have Proofs th it ?

    thank you for your reading
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    If you go there without precautions, that may well be the last thing you see. With a spacesuit, earth and stars are reported to be an overwhelming sight.
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    As Ich say's, you DO see things, but what I think your teacher is trying to say is that the sky will no longer be blue.
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    but I'm sure that he is mean what I saied !!!

    please seintists help us
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    No offense, but your English is rather bad. I assume it's not your first language?
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    Sorry. Either you misunderstood your teacher, or your teacher lives in a box(highly doubtful).

    Earth as seen from the moon.
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    yes, you are right , english is not my first language
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